How Downgrade macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra in 10 Min?

Last Updated : September 27, 2017

Are you one of first users who can't wait for macOS High Sierra upgrade? Just like the lates iOS 11, this latest version of macOS has its own bugs & error which can drive you nuts if your software isn't compatible with the system. How to downgrade macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra before the applications you need can upgrade to be compatible with the new OS? This page introduces the easiest way to uninstall macOS High Sierra in 10 minutes, now check out how!

Backup Mac Data Befefore You Downgrade macOS High Sierra

DearMob iPhone Music Manager

You'll need the free DearMob iPhone Music Manager to backup data on iMac, MacBook or Mac. Superfast backup data before you downgrade macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra, now click to download the best backup software:
★ Transfer music files in all formats between iPhone and Mac.
★ Manage all music as you like on iPhone.
★ Compatible with macOS High Sierra & iOS 11 (or earlier).

How to Downgrade macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra?

What is driving you to downgrade macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra? The software you frequently use doesn't work on macOS High Sierra at all, or that some of the good old features for macOS Sierra that you relied on no longer work for macOS High Sierra? For whichever reason, it's just imperative to get the software up and going on your Mac right away in case there's an important presentations in the days to come but things keep getting wrong with the latest macOS High Sierra.

That been said, is it difficult to uninstall macOS High Sierra? Though Apple has pointed out way before the macOS High Sierra is released, that it offers native solutions to revert your current macOS to what you sticked to when the MacBook, iMac or Mac was first purchased, and nothing would theoretically get lost during that process, you're still recommended to use this best backup software to get a copy of the most important Mac data elsewhere on your iPhone. So first follow up to backup your data before you uninstall macOS High Sierra.

As the superfast music transfer tool for Mac, DearMob's iPhone Music Manager ensures that all your music, playlists and ringtone on Mac can be safe and secure when transferred to iPhone with the free music transfer tool. As of other types of data, please consider backing up Mac data to Dropbox or Google Drive. Let's first see how to backup Mac data.

How to Uninstall macOS High Sierra, Anyway?

How to downgrade macOS High Sierra?
Pic: Downgrade macOS High Sierra to macOS Sierra

Tips and Notes: This method can help a MacBook, iMac or Mac downgrade from macOS High Sierra to the macOS version shipped with it when first sold, a prominent feature Apple proposed when macOS Sierra 10.12.4 as part of its Recovery Mode function. That been said, how to downgrade macOS High Sierra right now?

Step 1: First press start your Mac with shift-Option/Alt-Command-R.
Step 2: You'll right away see the macOS utilities screen, where you can choose to reinstall macOS, and then click on Reinstall.
Step 3: Click on continue, and your Mac computer is going to walk to all the way back to the old macOS Sierra/macOS X.
Step 4: Wait for a while for the reinstall to complete, and by the time the earlier Mac version is on your device, your Mac will restart on its own.

However, make sure that you're running the official release of macOS High Sierra instead of a Beta version, or you won't be able to uninstall macOS High Sierra & reinstall your previous version however many times you shut down & restart the Mac with shift-Option/Alt-Command-R pressed.

Compare macOS High Sierra vs macOS Sierra
  • OS version
  • ★ macOS Sierra
    ★ Release Date

    Easily removse DRM protection for iTunes purchased music.

  • ★ macOS High Sierra
    ★ Release Date Remova

    September 25, 2017

  • Design
  • ★ Major Upgrade in Design

    Following Mac OS X Mountain Lion

  • ★ Mid-step Upgrade

    Following macOS Sierra, identical to akin to Mac OS X
    Mountain Lion (which followed Lion) 

  • File System
  • ★ Old Apple File System (AFPS)

    No HEVC H.265 support, which is shipped with macOS High Sierra now.

  • ★ Brand-new Apple File System

    With the new file system shipped on iOS 11, the new AFPS in macOS High Sierra provides a brand-new way to manager files on Mac.

  • Safari
  • ★ Unable to Block Ads Very Well

    Users might as well be annoyed by the annoying popping out ads with music.

  • ★ Ad-blocking New Features

    Now on macOS High Sierra, Safari blocks all the autoplay of videos, thus drawing an end for the advert music coming along with video ads on some websites in the past.

It's more often than not a safe option if you wait until a few bug fixes have been released for the latest macOS High Sierra, in that some of your frequently-used APPs might not be able to upgrade that fast. If you've decided to downgrade macOS High Sierra to Sierra, make sure you use DearMob iPhone Music Manager with the Mac data backup.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Downgrade macOS High Sierra to Sierra

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