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Last Updated: January 8, 2018

Everyone may have the demand of converting EPUB to PDF when his/her reading device doesn't support ePub format but only PDF or when he/she needs to print out the ePub files. So, here we offer the best EPUB to PDF converter plus various ways to help you convert EPUB file to PDF as easy as ABC.


How to Convert EPUB to PDF?

Use Best EPUB to PDF Converter - DearMob iPhone Manager
Why Convert EPUB to PDF?

.epub is a file extension as the eBook standard that can support various hardware eBook readers like B&N Nook and Kobo eReader than any other similar file format, but why you still need to convert EPUB to PDF? First, though ePub is a popular ebook format that is supported by vast platforms, Kindle can't read it natively. EPUB needs to be converted to be usable on Amazon Kindle that is tightly tied to Amazon's ecosystem, namely, you'd better convert EPUB to PDF or the native supported format MOBI to let EPUB be readable. Second, most computers don't have the default EPUB reader for opening EPUB files, while PDF can be opened on computers easily. Third, there is no Print Out option in the EPUB format while PDF has. So, the best way to overcome these kinds of problems is to convert EPUB to PDF that can retain the layout and font of your EPUB files after converting.

How to Convert EPUB to PDF?

No need to download various e-reading apps to beef up your library to read ePub books or files, DearMob iPhone Manager is the key to reformat any EPUB to PDF for iPhone, iPad, Kindle and other eBook readers. No matter you have downloaded the EPUB files on computer or iPhone iPad, you can directly drag'n drop these files to DearMob iPhone Manager to convert EPUB to PDF, TXT and HTML.

Convert EPUB to PDF

Step 1. Get DearMob iPhone Manager
Click on the download button below to download this best EPUB to PDF converter, install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone iPad to Computer
Use USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to computer, tap Trust This Computer when there is a message popping up on your device. Once connected, click Book icon on the main UI of this EPUB to PDF converter.

Step 3. Add EPUB File to DearMob iPhone Manager
If you have any EPUB file on your iPhone iPad that needs to be converted to PDF, you will see it directly. If EPUB files are stored on your computer, you can just add EPUB books files to iPhone iPad from computer first and convert them thereafter.

Step 4. Convert EPUB File to PDF
Now that your EPUB files has got prepared, simply choose the EPUB file you want to convert and click on Export to choose Export EPUB book to PDF, and DearMob iPhone Manager will automatically convert EPUB to PDF for you. If you need, you can also add the PDF to iPhone iPad that's from your EPUB file a moment ago with DearMob iPhone Manager.

Top EPUB to PDF Converter Recommended

In case that DearMob iPhone Manager could not satisfy your needs, you can refer to these kinds of EPUB to PDF converters to convert EPUB to PDF if you don't mind that some of them are difficult to use or not authentic, and some of them also require you to register first.

EPUB to PDF Converter

1. Convert EPUB to PDF via Calibre

When you search EPUB to PDF converter, the commonest one you see is Calibre E-Book management. Calibre is an open source application that is totally free and easy for everyone to use. Besides converting EPUB to PDF, you can add any kind of book to it and then convert to EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, DOCX, HTMLZ, TXT, TXTZ, ZIP and more. You can even edit the ebook's metadata that you think is wrong, or use this EPUB to PDF converter to view your files directly and more clearly by enlarging the font size or highlighting the useful phrases and sentences as well. With built-in search engine, Calibre can even help you find a vast number of ebooks online by searching the book title, author or keyword.

2. Online EPUB to PDF Converter

Online EPUB to PDF converter would be the most ideal way for you who do not want to install any third-party software. Take as an example, you can convert EPUB to PDF instantly by just uploading the EPUB file from your local folder or put the EPUB download link into the box and then select PDF as your output file format. Now, click on the Convert button and this online EPUB to PDF converter will automatically convert your EPUB file to PDF in a few seconds, and then you can have a preview of the PDF file before downloading it to your computer or sharing the download link to your email. Similar online EPUB to PDF converters also include:

Zamzar Online Conversion ( – The most popular
eBook Online-Convert ( – Best for eReader reading
Epubor Online eBook Converter ( – The most convenient

Where to Get Free EPUB Files?

Guessing you are searching for a place to get free EPUB books or files, here we have rounded up some good sites for you to free download EPUB books. Please remember that EPUB downloaded from these tubes are all supported by DearMob iPhone Manager, namely, EPUB to PDF is supported by DearMob iPhone Manager.

Adelaide University: Mainly focuses on classical books on literature, philosophy, science, history, exploration and travel. (Format: ePub)
Baen Free Library: Offers various science fiction/fantasy books. (Format: Rocket, Kindle, Sony, RTF, ePub, Mobi, Nook, Microsoft Reader and more)
Kati eBooks: eBooks about self help and motivation. (Format: ePub, Mobi, PDF)
Book View Cafe: Find something about female protagonist, adventure, magic, biotechnology and more. (ePub, Mobi, PDF)

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Convert EPUB to PDF

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