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How to Transfer Music on Mac

Due to some restrictions in iTunes sync and transfer, like .flac files import failure, DRM protection, etc., iOS users are frustrated by music management.

But with DearMob iPhone Manager, it is never troublesome. You can transfer, edit, and back up music on your Mac securely, and even create personal ringtone easily.

Before you start:

Free download DearMob iPhone Manager:

Free DownloadFor Mac OS X 10.9 or later

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To export your iPhone, iPad or iPod music to your Mac

In DearMob,
Apple unsupported audio format will be auto converted to MP3.

1. Launch DeaeMob iPhone Manager, and click Music on the main UI to open music management window.
2. Tick some local songs and click Export and Sync. You can find them on the computer folder in a few seconds.

export music to mac


  • You can play songs on DearMob iPhone Manager
  • You need to decode DRM music first when export to your Mac.

To add music to iOS devices

In DearMob,
Music DRM protection can be removed so that you can play protected music freely.

1. Click Add Music to choose songs.
2. Then Hit Sync to transfer music to your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

add music to iOS device


  • Music can be grouped by List, Artist or Album.

To edit music from your iPhone, iPod or iPad

In DearMob,
Batch and selectively manage music info: Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Year and Comment.

1. Select the very music that you want to edit, and click Edit to edit music information.
2. Click Sync to save changes.

edit music


  • All changes are visible in real time by hitting Refresh.

To delete music from your iPhone, iPod or iPad

In DearMob,
You can delete music both selectively and in bulk.

1. Choose the music that you want to delete, click Delete Music.
2. Hit Sync to apply.

delete music


  • You can click red curve icon beside music to undo delete or edit, or click Cancel to undo all operations before sync.

To add, edit, delete playlist on your Mac

Reorganize your audio files according to your habit with DearMob iPhone Manager.

1.Click + icon on the left side to create a new playlist, and then import or move songs to this playlist.
2. Hit the pen-shaped icon to edit playlist name.
3.Click × icon to delete the playlist on your iPhone.

edit music playlist


  • You can select some music and click music note icon to add them to other playlists.

To create ringtone on your Mac

Within 40 seconds, a new ringtone is customized and auto placed in Ringtone Setting on your iPhone.

1. Click ringtone icon to trigger a wave form.
2. Drag the bright part of the form to cut the desired part as your ringtone.
3. Click OK and then Sync button to create and imput the ringtone to your iPhone.

Customize iPhone ringtone


How to manage music files with iTunes (only for Apple supported format)

Before you beginning to transfer/backup your iOS devices music with iTunes, you have to do the following:

  • Update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS.
  • Update your Mac to the latest version of MacOS 10.15.
  • Ensure that your entire iOS/iPadOS device are using the same Apple ID.
  • Turn off iCloud music library on your device.

Check through every step of preparations, and then you can begin to transfer and back up music with following steps:


  • iTunes does not support .flac files.
  • DRM music cannot be played in other apps.
  • Treasured live songs will be auto replaced by album version.

1. Open iTunes on your Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to Mac via the original iPhone USB cable.
3. Click your device icon on iTunes top bar.
4. Look to the left side of the iTunes windows and click Music.
5. Tick the box next to Sync Music, and choose the folder or app where to sync from.
6. Click Sync.
7.Tap the music file and then Get Info to display and edit song information on the info tab.
8. Select the desired content from your iTunes, and drag it to your device on the left sidebar to transfer.

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