5 Best iTunes Alternative Mac to Transfer Music from Mac

Last Updated : August 16, 2017

Anyone in frequent use of music transfer between iPhone 8 & Mac may well consider an iTunes alternative Mac to facilitate the whole transfer process, this is not only due to the unexpected crashes of iTunes 12 that stops your transfer halfway, but also because other little headaches like iTunes not recognizing iPhone, iTunes not working for which the software stability is to blame.

In order not to be trapped in these sort of problems from now on, switch from the 100+ MB software to an alternative to iTunes for Mac macOS Mojave in our list below:

Best iTunes Alternative Mac to Transfer Music Mac to iPhone Free

DearMob iPhone Music Manager

Landing on the free DearMob iPhone Music Manager as an alternative to iTunes for Mac means getting anything you can get from iTunes in a more approachable manner: transfer music between iPhone & Mac, add ringtone to iPhone, edit music & album info, etc. Click to download:

Why DearMob iPhone Music Manager for macOS Mojave

1. Compact iTunes alternative Mac

Fitting superfast music transfer between iPhone 8 & Mac (macOS Mojave) into a 20.87 MB *.exe file, DearMob's iPhone Music Manager occupies only 1/5 the place that iTunes does on Mac.

As a lightweight iTunes alternative Mac, DearMob's iPhone Music Manager eliminates such problems as iTunes freezes halfway, iTunes unable to force quit, instead, it renders smooth music transfer between iPhone 8/7 and Mac in MP3, AAC, FLAC, WMA, etc.

2. Transfer without
erasing data
If you've already played with iTunes once, chance are that you already know iTunes adopts a "syncing" way of transferring music from Mac to iPhone – that been the case – it's at least somehow risky if you stay with iTunes for the music transfer. However, DearMob's iPhone Music Manager is not only based on a more secured transfer channel, but also it speeds up the flow – leaving rarely any space for data interruption to happen.

3. Works independently from iTunes

Any mac computer with or without iTunes is good to go with this iTunes alternative for Mac if its owner:

1. Possesses a Mac computer without iTunes at all. (Requires confirmation to install necessary iTunes driver)
2. Possesses a Mac computer with outdated iTunes driver (AMDS). (Requires re-installing the latest version of iTunes driver)
3. Possesses a Mac computer with iTunes & associated drivers.

That been the case, there are also some other iTunes replacement good at playing music files like iTunes does, but refrains you from iTunes not recognizing iPhone 8 or iTunes not recognizing iPod problems. Let's take a look at them:

MacX MediaTrans – Feature-rich iTunes Alternative Mac macOS Mojave

MacX MediaTrans offers 3 flexible packs for you to choose & download, it's $29.95 for 1 1-year-license on 1 Mac, $35.95 for life-time-license on 2 Macs, and $65.95 for life-time-license on 6 Macs.

This stellar piece of gadget is in real terms more than just an iTunes alternative for Mac: Aside from the basic music, voice memo, ringtone making functions that you can rely on iTunes to do, it's a second-to-none choice for photo transferring between iPhone and Mac, indeed an overachiever if you're thinking of setting iTunes aside.

MacX MediaTrans
Pic: MacX MediaTrans - iTunes Alternative Mac

iMazing – iTunes Alternative Mac Good at Data Backup

Users who'd settle with iMazing can save a little when compared to the following options - $34.95 each with a free trial enabling anyone to transfer 50 items for free between iPhone and Mac (not per day). Just like DearMob iPhone Music Manager, it works well with 2-way music transfer. Yet unlike MacX MediaTrans, iMazing won't work with ebooks transfer (top 8 ebooks website to download ebooks for iPhone), which makes this alternative to iTunes for Mac less attractive to book buffs.

Highlight of iMazing, however, is that it provides services to create a backup of iPhone date, and restore a backup to iPhone wirelessly, and without a dime – which give another reason for users searching for an iTunes alternative Mac to do backups to choose this gadget.

iMazing – iTunes Alternative Mac
Pic: iMazing – iTunes Alternative Mac

iMobie Anytrans – The iTunes Alternative Mac Available in 8 Languages

$39.95 each doesn't make iMobie Anytrans an inexpensive iTunes alternative for Mac, but that it's indeed a product of efficiency worth trying. Although iMobie gives a 7-day free trial for this iTunes Alternative mac, it keeps presenting a 10-seconds ad before each of your move. This iTunes alternative mac now in its version 5.5.4 and offers relatively full-fledged functions as you can do with iTunes for Mac (macOS Mojave).

Under the category iTunes Library alone, this alternative software sorts your music files into 13 categories including playlist, Music, Movies, Home Videos, TV Shows, Podcast iTunes U, Books, Audiobook, Apps, Tones, Voice Memos.

>iMobie Anytrans – The iTunes Alternative Mac
Pic: iMobie Anytrans – iTunes Alternative Mac

FoneTrans – The Very Flexible Alternative to iTunes for Mac for Phone-2-Phone Transfer

The release of FoneTrans is indeed a gap-filling design that any iTunes alternative Mac isn't shipped with yet: By enabling direct transfer between 2 iOS devices, FoneTrans allows you to transfer everything from iPhone 7 to iPhone 8 without external help – thus decreasing user's dependence on iTunes for data transfer while also make the whole process time-saving.

Granted, the price $49.95 each for an iTunes alternative Mac seems a bit like overcharging when it offers phone-2-phone transfer of music, videos, photos, contacts, voice memos, but it somehow missed the transfer of bookmarks, reminders, and recent calls, hence some steps away from complete iPhone backup.

FoneTrans – The Very Flexible Alternative
Pic: FoneTrans – The Very Flexible Alternative

That's about the end of what we've reviewed for iTunes alternative Mac today. Now that this article is released in an ascending order of product prices, you may compares the respective functionalities, missing features together with the respective prices.

If DearMob's iPhone Music Manager (Free) is the iPhone data solution thatyou decide to settle with, chances are that you may not only need to transfer music from computer to iPhone, but also add ringtone to iPhone (30s at most). Also save a little expectations for the pro version of this music manager software to come out soon.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager iTunes Alternative Mac (macOS Mojave)

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