How to Edit HEIC Files Photos on Windows 10 & macOS Mojave?

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How to edit HEIC files on macOS Mojave or Windows 10? If your brand-new iPhone model is using the cutting-edge High Efficiency Image File mode to take pictures, and you'd like to edit HEIC photos from the bigger-screen computer/Mac. This page introduces to you the top 3 HEIC editor software with both Windows and Mac version, now read on to find out.

Open HEIC on Windows 10 and Mac

edit HEIC photos

DearMob iPhone Manager - HEIC Converter Built-in

  • Open HEIC files photos from iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7 iOS 11;
  • Export HEIC to JPG without quality loss, support exif info;
  • Support exporting HEIC live photos;
  • You best mate to edit HEIC on Windows Mac

Best Tool to Edit HEIC Pictrues

# 1 Fotor – Cross-platform Software to Edit HEIC on Windows Mac

If you're looking for a lightweight tool to edit HEIC files from iPhone iOS 11, take a look at this agile photo editing software – Fotor. Available in both Mac and Windows, Fotor can meet roughly meet everything a user will need for HEIC file editing: with as many as 11 automatic editing settings (Auto, Portrait, Flash, Cloudy etc), the HDR effect capable Fotor is a second-to-none choice if you'd like to edit HEIC photos, files.

Accredited by BBC as the lite Photoshop, the Mac version of Fotor has been ranking top in over 80 countries. Fotor is extremely helpful in its batch editing functionality: If you'd like to edit HEIC files photos, JPG photo, HEIC vs JPG comparison and why it matters, in terms of renaming, resizing, or convert HEIC photos quality so as to compress the photos, end your search here as nothing compares this HEIC editor in terms of batch editing speed.

However, unless you have a macOS High Sierra computer, HEIC photos won't open on Windows natively, or on earlier versions of macOS, which means even Fotor can't directly open HEIC files. So you'll need to convert HEIC to JPG before your edit HEIC photos with Fotor.

Edit HEIC with Fotor
Pic: Edit HEIC with Fotor

# 2 Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 – Big Name HEIC Files Edit Tool

It hadn't been long after the adoption of HEIC on iOS 11 when the Adobe family started to provide support for those who want to edit iOS 11 HEIC photos from a professional desktop software – If you're also one of the adept-handed designing practitioners, then HEIC editing software from the Adobe family shouldn't be new to you. Here we introduce Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 as one of the top 3 ways to edit HEIC files photos 2019.

Together with its latest release, this professional HEIC photo editing tool has been shipped with such functions (1) selecting subject (2) improvements for high-res monitors (3) better integration with Microsoft Dial. Now with HEIC photos from iOS 11 given full play to the advantages of what a high-res picture should be like, you can make the best of the newly-added functions of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 so as to edit HEIC photos, pictures.

Edit HEIC with photoshop 2018 CC
Pic: Edit HEIC Photos with Photoshop 2018 CC

# 3 Pixlr Web APP – Easily, Smoothly Edit HEIC Photos Online

Let's assume you don't have a frequent need to edit HEIC photos, pictures, and will just need to edit HEIC for a one-time-use. Then why not consider Pixlr Web APP for Windows or Mac which can help you work on HEIC files in layers, replace colors of an iPhone-taken HEIC photo, or picture, and even transform objects – all in a web-browser.

If this your first time to use this HEIC editing tool online, you'll find a list of options including a Pixlr Web APP, a mobile version of this tool, and the Web APP further divides into Pixlr editor and Pixlr express. In order to edit HEIC photos, picture in terms of in-picture objects, go with Pixlr editor online, however, if what you need is photo borders, overlays, and personal touch for the HEIC HEIF photos, pictures taken with an iPhone, then Pixlr Express is your answer.

Before you actually land on this web-based tool to edit HEIC photos, take a look at the screen-shots to learn a bit about its category-wide functions.

As you may see above, Pixlr and Photoshop CC 2018 features much-alike functional areas, if you've been with Photoshop for a while, then going with Pixlr to edit HEIC HEIF files in photos wouldn't be of much difficulty to you. However, if you're expecting something with a more INTUITIVE interface, we'd recommend you go with Fotor with Mac or Windows.

edit HEIC with Pixlr
Pic: Edit HEIC Photo with Pixlr


One outstanding point about both Pixlr and Fotor is that you simply can't open HEIC on Windows or Mac with them due to a lack of necessary decoders, which means you will need the help of an HEIC converter – DearMob iPhone Manager to convert HEIC to JPG before you edit photos.

Guide: How to Open HEIC/HEIF on Windows with DearMob iPhone Manager?

Export HEIC as JPG with DearMob iPhone Manager

Step 1: Download the best HEIC to JPG converter on Windows or Mac ( 100% green download from the button below), install and launch it.

Step 2: USB connect your iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7 iOS 11 with HEIC photos you want to edit to the computer/Mac with DearMob iPhone Manager installed on it.

Tips and Notes: If this is the first time you connect iPhone to this computer, unlock the device by tapping "Trust this computer" before you can convert HEIC to JPG.

Step 3: On the interface of this HEIC converting tool, click on the "Photo" icon so as to view HEIC photo thumbnails, DearMob iPhone Manager can load as many as 10,000 photos within seconds thanks to its dynamic preview technology.

Step 4: Manually choose the photos you'd like to export with this tool, hit the "Export" icon, and in the drag-down list, choose "HEIC to JPG" so as to convert HEIC photos JPG on Windows or Mac directly.

You can not only use DearMob iPhone Manager to convert & edit HEIC files in photos from iPhone X/8/7 Plus/7 iOS 11, for as long as you'd like to, this all-in-one iPhone manager can also help you delete photos from iPhone (in batch), or backup iPhone photos. In case you run into other forms of HEIC won't open on Windows/Mac problems, stay with DearMob iPhone Manager to fix them out. Now click to download them below.


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