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How to Remove DRM from Purchased iTunes Movies, Songs, Audiobooks?

You have to remove DRM from the iTunes purchased if you want to keep those purchased items forever on your device, or need to transfer them to a new device for personal use, for instance, transfer iTunes songs to MP3.But iTunes doesn't support you to get that job done, neither do most iPhone managers in the markets.

That is why we introduce DearMob iPhone Manager for you. It comes with robust DRM removal capability, support to stably and quickly unlocks iTunes media from iPhone to pc, especially those paid media, including music albums, hot singles, movies, and audio-books. Besides, it is a PC-based iOS backup and transfer tool that also integrates data encryption, conversion and selective restore utilities to free you from iCloud and iTunes constrains.

Before you start:

Free download DearMob iPhone Manager:
Log in to both the iTunes on PC and iPhone with the same Apple ID.
Launch DearMob before connecting iPhone with computer using USB cable.
Keep iTunes open throughout the DRM removal process

Free DownloadFor Win 7 or higher

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How to remove DRM from apple songs fast with ease?

DearMob iPhone Manager features in reliable and efficient, which is the top option for you to remove the DRM protected songs and almost all DRM protected files. It is powerful and comes with an initiative interface which allows you to unlock the DRM files in just a few clicks.

In DearMob,
Batch/ Selectively Unlock DRM protected songs from iPhone or iPad to your PC.
Encrypt the Purchased Music while exporting to PC for preventing your privacy.
10x Faster Processing Speed than real time play in music DRM removal.

Some Preparation Works:
1. Enable the iCloud to sync songs to your iTunes.
2. Click to download songs from iCloud to iTunes Library.

Easy to Follow Steps:
1. Launch DearMob on your PC and connect your iPhone with PC using USB cable.
2. Click to open DearMob and hit Music.
3. Select songs you want to remove DRM from and hit Export.
4. Click Remove on the pop-up dialogue box which says "This song is protected by iTunes DRM".

remove drm from song


  • You can also click Remove DRM on the main interface, locate and select your purchased Apple music under Music, then hit Remove DRM

How to remove DRM from iTunes movies?

DearMob, the all-in-one iPhone manager, is the easiest and most useful option to remove DRM from purchased iTunes movies among many competitors with powerful function and impressive speed to finish movie DRM removal within 1/5 its duration without quality loss.

In DearMob,
1- Click to remove DRM from iTunes movies.
Batch/ Selectively Unlock purchased movie from iPhone or iPad to your PC.
Encrypt the Purchased Movies while exporting to PC for preventing your privacy

1. Hit Video on DearMob, then you shall see the purchased movies are flagged by red "DRM".
2. Choose the movie you want to remove DRM from, click on Export.
3. Click Remove on the pop-up confirmation which says "This movie is protected by iTunes DRM.

remove drm from movies

How to remove DRM from iTunes audiobooks?

DearMob is a professional and easy-to-use iTunes DRM removal tool. It allows you to enjoy the abundant audiobooks anywhere in just a few clicks thanks for its simple and straightforward interface and dedicated DRM removal tech.

In DearMob,
No Quality Loss to remove DRM from iTunes purchased audiobooks, music, or movies.
10X Speed: convert audiobooks to DRM free version at 10X speed faster than real-time play.
Batch Remove DRM from audiobook purchased in iBook

1. Sync purchased audiobooks from iBook or from iTunes to your iPhone.
2. Click Book on DearMob iPhone Manager to find those eBooks and audiobooks tagged with DRM.
3. Click Export, then hit Remove on the pop-up dialogue box which saying "This song is protected by iTunes DRM"

remove drm from audiobooks


  • Option way to get things done:
  • 1. Click Remove DRM on the main interface, locate and select your purchased audiobooks under AUDIO BOOKS.
  • 2. Click on Remove DRM, the DRM removed audiobook will be saved on your computer in M4B format.

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