How to Compress MP4 Video File Size 2023

Last Updated : Jun. 12, 2023

To compress MP4 video to smaller size for email, saving on iPad/iPhone, posting on whatsapp or whatever purpose you are aiming at, this guide offers the easiest and quickest way out to reduce MP4 file size by 40% at least without losing quality.

DearMob iPhone Manager: Your One-Click MP4 Compressor

DearMob iPhone Music Manager

Auto-detects your large video file and reduce video file size within just one click, no quality loss! Combines auto video converting and compressing features to let you have the compressed MP4 video file immediately. Get it now↓↓↓

How to Compress MP4 Video to Smaller Size Online Free?

To compress mp4 online, you need some best online MP4 compressors recommendation. Here we list out two of the most popular ones:

FlexClip Video Compressor

FlexClip is an online video editing platform that includes a built-in video compressor, enabling you to reduce the size of your videos while preserving their quality. It supports popular video formats like MP4, MOV, M4V, WebM, and others, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of video files you may need to compress. Additionally, FlexClip's video compressor allows you to customize the video resolution and choose the desired compressed quality, empowering you to optimize the output video according to your specific preferences.

Furthermore, FlexClip places a strong emphasis on the security and privacy of your videos. As they do not have access to your uploaded files, you can have confidence that your videos will remain secure throughout the compression process.

Compress MP4 Online

This online MP4 compressor will ask you to sign in with your Google+/Facebook/Email account for using free basic version with watermark.

Seems to be a really decent online MP4 reducer to use! You can optimize the video for Mobile sharing, Web sharing, Windows platform and even GIF animation. You are free to customize video resolution, format, quality and edit video - flip, rotate, crop, trim, etc. But the vital trouble comes with its processing speed. Waited for 30 min to get a 1% done notice for my 1GB MP4 movie to be compressed.

compress mp4 file online

An honest video file size reducer to let you compress MP4 file at max 500MB size. You can scale to ideal video width and remove audio from the video.

Though the features of this online MP4 compressor is limited compared to Clipchamp, it does not require log-in or your email address. It has very simple and straight forward workflow and service features.

The main problems of these online MP4 compressors are:
1. Slow slow slow processing speed;
2. Highly interrupted by uploading/downloading errors;
3. Video file size limitation (1GB video file compressing is 100% out of question);
4. Possibility of video leakage

The fact is, reducing MP4 video online only applies to small size videos to be shrinked even smaller for web/mobile sharing or making GIFs. To seriously compress a large MP4 file, like when you need to download Coursera to iPad without losing quality requires a stable platform rather than online.

How to Compress Video Files without Losing Quality?

You need some real doers here.

Best MP4 Compressor for Windows 10

WinX HD Video Converter
1. Coming with 370+ video audio codecs
2. Good at compressing 4K UHD/1080p HD videos
3. With optimized device presets
4. High Quality Engine ensures balance between quality and size

See detailed guide on making an mp4 file smaller with WinX converter>>

Best MP4 Compressor for MacOS Sierra

MacX Video Converter
1. Shrink MP4 video to any format and any format to MP4
2. Advanced High Quality Engine, multi-core (up to 8) CPU utility and Intel QSV hardware acceleration tech boost the compressing process speed to the highest ever without losing quality.

3. With optimized device presets

See detailed guide on shrinking MP4 file size on mac with MacX converter>>

One-click MP4 Compressor for Mac/Windows

DearMob iPhone Manager
1. Auto detect videos over 1GB before video transfer
2. Compress MP4 video over 1GB within 1-click
3. Compress MP4 file size by 40%

See detailed guide on reducing MP4 file size on mac with iPhone Manager below:

How to compress a video for email

1. Click on Add Video to import an MP4 video to iPhone.

2. Check Reduce Size box to compress MP4 video file by 40% at most.

Note: MP4 video size over 1GB will be auto detected for size reducing.

Also, even if the original video format is not MP4. Whatever it is, the unsupported format will be auto converted to MP4 by default.

Tips and notes

If you are a serious video editor who want to compress a video to a certain resolution, quality, format, and want to edit this video via flipping, rotattion, cropping, trimming, choose WinX/MacX video converter won't lead you astray. But if you just want to transfer an MP4 video to iPhone/iPad without taking up too much space, then DearMob iPhone Manager will guard its size effectively.

How to Compress an MP4 Video for Email/Whatsapp etc?

Onedrive (5G), Dropbox (5G) and Google Drive (15G), these Cloud services will let you upload large MP4 videos to the Cloud and then you can send a link to your email recipient or share online without compressing MP4 file size and without losing quality.

However, if you insist compressing MP4 file size for email or file size restricted uploading, you should first know about those limitation.

How to compress a video for email

1. Gmail imposes a limit of 25MB per file

2. Outlook 20MB per file

3. Yahoo permits attachments up to a size of 25 MB

4. AOL Mail - send or receive messages and attachments over the internet up to 25 MB in total size

5. Facebook video - 1.75GB per file

6. Whatsapp - 16MB

7. Hotmail allows sending files up to a maximum size of 10 MB

Now, use the recommended MP4 compressors above to reduce MP4 file size for email and sharing.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager How to Compress MP4 File Size

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