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Last Updated : June 5th, 2017

With tons of arrangements and event alerts every day, one can be very much vexed when changing to a new iPhone or iPad yet not knowing how to transfer those data to other devices. Setting those tideous alerts again can be time consuming. Then how to sync calendar from one iPhone to another iPhone/iPad easily as a whole file? iPhone Manager provides the answer.

DearMob iPhone Manager can let you export the whole calendar events/marks from one iPhone to new iPhone as a *.plist file.

Tips and notes

DearMob iPhone Manager's calendar syncing principle is to let you export calendar from iPhone to computer and then import the data from computer to another iPhone. It works on Windows and Mac devices as an extractor and feeder at the same time. It even allows you edit calendar alerts from computer/Mac end.

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1. How to Sync iPhone Calendar with Mac/Windows?
sync calendar iPhone

Sync iPhone Calendar with Mac/Windows with iTunes can be very easy, but how to export iPhone calendar to Mac/Windows without iTunes? - You need DearMob iPhone Manager. Connect your iPhone X/8 with iPhone Manager installed computer and "Trust This Computer".
Step 1: Click "Calendar" button and you will arrive at the interface above.
Step 2: Click "Export" to transfer iPhone Calendar to Mac/PC as a *.plist file
Step 3: Click "Edit" and you can make adjustments.

Note: the *.plist calendar cannot be imported to Mac/Win calendar, rather it is saved as a backup file at presant. iPhone Manager will soon add support for imgrating iPhone calendar to Mac/Win.

2. How to Sync iPhone Calendar with Someone Else

With *.plist file saved in your computer, you can now sync iPhone Calendar with another iPhone, namely your new iPhone X/8 or someone else's iPhone, using DearMob iPhone Manager.

Step 1: After transferring iPhone Calendar to computer, now you can switch to connect the other iPhone with the computer;

Step 2: Click calendar and then click "Add"

Step 3: Browse and select the target iPhone Calendar for syncing.

Step 4: Click on "Sync" button to sync iPhone Calendar on another iPhone.
This method also applies to iPhone calendar sync with iPad, iPad Pro, iPad mini.

4. How to Sync iPhone Calendar on Outlook?

Outlook calendar requires calendar formats to be ICS while DearMob iPhone Manager at presant only provides *.plist format - the standard format of iOS Calendar. And to our knowledge, PLIST file can not convert to ICS for sure. Therefore, three methods are herein listed:

Option 1: Download Outlook app on your iPhone >> Outlook Download Free <<

Option 2: Download Akruto app to sync iPhone calendar on Outlook >> Akruto Trial Version Download <<

Option 3: Set Outlook as the native Emailbox on your iPhone (Outlook can sync your calendar, mail, contacts, tasks.)
How to set up Outlook natively on iPhone:
1. Open settings
2. Tap on Calendar
3. Tap on Accounts
4. Tap on add account
5. Tap on the outlook.com logo
6. Sign in to Microsoft Account and allow it to sync your calendar.
7. Choose to sync calendars or contacts.

sync outlook calendar
Tips and notes

Syncing iPhone calendar with Gmail and other mailboxes like Yahoo, Exchange, or if you want to add CalDAV account/Subscribed Calendar, you can also visit "Add Acount > Other > Calendars" and make your decisions.


There are many ways and workarounds to backup and sync calendar on iPhone/iPad.

5KPlayer iPhone Manager Sync Calendar iPhone

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