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Windows Media Player Stops Working on Windows 10/8/7

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Windows Media Player stops working on your Windows (10) PC? It shows an error when you want to open a video file? Or even it won't open to play DVDs? Are you concerned about all the Windows Media Player problems on Windows (10)? Here this ultimate guide will seek to offer you the best solutions correspondingly.

Windows Media Player Best Replacement - 5KPlayer!

Windows Media Player Windows 10 not working? Why not try 5KPlayer - the ultimate solution to all possible playback issues on Windows 10! It supports almost all formats and codec including MP4 H.265 VP8/VP9, MKV, AAC, MP3, FLAC. High-res 8bit 4K 8K videos can also played smoothly. Get it now to unleash great media power!

Windows Media Player Download

Best Windows Media Player Alternative

If you do not want to be an expert in multimedia and just want an easier solution, we would like to recommend a great Windows Media Player alternative - 5KPlayer - to playback any videos, audios, iOS images, DVD, 3D movies etc. This hardware accelerated media player saves a lot CPU usage to minimize the "not responding" possibility in advance. It is lightweight and easy to use. Other features like AirPlay, YouTube video download, iPhone screen recording and file conversion add brilliance to this already robust media player - a must-have you shouldn't miss!

Solve Media Player not Working

What you can get from downloading this piece of elegant software are not limited to the mentioned features above, there are a lot more to dig. If you are not certain about its performance, why not download it and take a look at the reviews on 5KPlayer VS. KMplayer and 5KPlayer vs. VLC media player to get a closer look at it? Download 5KPlayer now!

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