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Download and Install Media Player Classic Codec Pack for Windows 7/10

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

A Media Player Classic Codec pack can easily help you out when running into such problems as Media Player Classic not playing MKV, or not showing subtitles. However, there are dozens of MPC codec out there and instructions are driving you nuts. How to download and install Media Player Classic codec? You get the easiest way here.

Media Player Classic Codec Doesn't Work? Here's Best Alternative

Compared to Media Player Classic-HC, the free 5KPlayer simply covers a much wider range of codec support. It plays MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI and more video formats without the help of any external Codec Pack. Topping the list of universal media players, 5KPlayer is a second-to-none choice to tackle any codecs without choke.

Media Player Classic Codec Pack

By and large, MPC-HC is an extremely compact video player for Windows 10 and Mac, and Media Player Classic for Windows 10 is among the best media players in a row. However, problems occur in running MP4 AVI MKV video with it. MPC MKV problems, in particular, call for Media Player Classic codec packs to re-enable them to run. But which MPC codec should you install? Here're 3 options with varied features each.

★ K-Lite - Comprehensive Media Player Classic Codec Pack

Available at: http://www.codecguide.com/download_kl.htm

K-Lite is the most comprehensive Media Player Classic codec pack to install of all, while a bit autocratic at the same time: Once you choose to install K-Lite as your MPC codec, it automatically detects and cleans any other broken codecs or DirectShow filters on your Windows system. Besides, you won't be updating the codecs manually as everything goes automatically. That not only means everything goes up to date, but also something unwanted might engage your computer. 4 variants available: a Basic Media Player Classic codec pack, a Standard, a Full and a Mega module. You may check out the above address for their difference before you download and install.

Note: Only K-Lite Standard or above works with MPC-HC.

★ CCCP - No-system-damage MPC Codec

Available at http://www.cccp-project.net/

Likewise, CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack) is a rather insurgent option of all Media Player Classic codec packs, it might go against other codec packs you installed before away, but good thing is it has Mastroka video (MKV) support.
Highlight of CCCP as a MPC Codec is that it won't cause any damage to your system which, do exist with some unofficial codec packs and the damage is just irreversable.
Beside this, user feedbacks on CCCP is even more positive than that on K-Lite, they say CCCP is the kind of Media Player Classic codec pack that makes you "uninstall everything else, install the pack and live happily ever after".

Among all MPC codecs available, the above 2 are most recommended, both by users and by official codec download sites, but they 2 are just not perfect, and here're problems you might run into while installing the Media Player Classic codec packs:

"I have a problem with media player classic that comes with the K-lite codec pack. My problem is that no matter what video format I'm watching, the Video Frame and Pan&Scan options are all greyed out, so I can't resize the top and bottom black bars of the video." --- from Supo

"I have Windows Media Player Classic (revision 73) installed and following a Windows Update it no longer works. I've also tried re-installing the codecs from K-lite but still no joy." --- from Jersey Bunny at www.microsoft.com

What's the Reason for MPC Codec Not Working problems?

Well, they can be of some help, but Media Player Classic codec usually causes more trouble than they can solve, which makes sense as long as you figure out what is a codec pack.
--- To put it short, codec pack is a program created to encode or decode videos/audio into something that your computer can understand and play, some of them come directly with your computer, while others are built in into media players, such as 5KPlayer which, if you take a closer look at it, is a universal media player that:

Media Player Classic Alternative

Plays MKV AVI MP4 videos, MP3 AAC OGG music, as well as VOB, DVD, etc;
A seamless aggregator of Windows Media Player codec and VLC codec pack;
Highly compact and integrated, discouraging any complex manual settings afterwards.

To that end, if you're tired of installing Media Player Classic codec packs for Windows 7/10 and the mess-up after work, the one-stop 5KPlayer is just a wise option when it integrates all necessary codec packs into the basic kernel, free download it below.

However, if you'd stay with Media Player Classic, which is also one of the top 5 media players for Windows 10, take a look at how you can install MPC codec easy and fast:

★How to Install K-Lite as the Media Player Classic Codec?

First, choose 1 from 4 versions of K-Lite codec pack to download (latest version 10.0.0) Note: Only K-Lite Standard or above support Media Player Classic - HC.
Second, go all-the-way next following the installation wizard, when you're asked to select components for your MPC-HC, leave everything default.
Note: in the "additional tasks" step, make sure you check "Media Player Classic" under the "Create file association for" option.
Third, all the way next, click finish, and that's everything.

★How to Install CCCP as the Media Player Classic Codec?

First, uninstall all the other MPC codec packs you ever installed before.
Note: If you can't make sure whether you have other codec packs pre-installed, get the CCCPI (CCCP Insurgent) and run it on computer, items you need to check out include DirectVobSub, ffdshow, CoreVorbis, CoreAAC, etc because they interfere with CCCP, but Divx, XviD can go just fine.
Second, Reboot the computer.
Third, click the Media Player Classic Codec and install it, and you can go just fine with MPC-HC!
Note: The second step "Reboot" can't be skipped, otherwise CCCP won't install properly.

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1. To put it like this, bundling professional codec packs with MPC can mean a lot a fun, but it's really savvy when you can play videos with a compact, sleek, and lightweight Media Player Classic alternative.

2. Subtitle problems happen with Media Player Classic quite often, check out how to add subtitles easiest guide.

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