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Free Download Windows Media Player Codec to Play All Videos on Your PC

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

It's well understandable that as a kin of Microsoft, Windows Media Player (12 or before) would always spur its native music and video format to break the rank, excluding others besides Windows Media Player Codec. This guide helps you free download and install corresponding Codecs for Windows Media Player compatible with Windows Media Player 12/11 on Windows 10/8/7. By the way it tackles the DVD playback problems of WMP to get compatibility issues fixed.

Before You Download: Check Windows Media Player Codec Compatibility

Latest WMP 12 has the best ever openness to Windows Media Player Codec - compared to that on Windows 8/7, yet still less open than market average. Want an universal free video player for all movies and music on your Windows 10 PC/Mac? 5KPlayer is the solution.

windows media player codec

How to Play H.265 Videos Without Installing WMP Codec Pack

5KPlayer is designed to be user-friendly with clear interface and easy operation that there are only a few steps for you to play 3GP files.

1. Install and launch 5KPlayer with embedded H.265 codec for Windows Media Player.
2. Double click the thumbnail of H.265 YouTube Terminators 5 trailer to start playback.

Tips and Notes:
1. More than a free media player with Windows Media Player Codec pre-installed, you can free download Terminators 5 trailer with it.
2. While watching, you are free to add external subtitles, switch audio tracks, or rotate the H.264 video.

play h.265 without windows media player codec

Windows Media Player Codec can work, but it takes frequent add-on patches to suffice, that's why the convenience of this universal video player matters: with regular upgrade notes you can choose either to access the up-to-date video codecs or not; what about the most annoying DVD support absent from Windows Media Player? Well, take it easy because it can play DVD on Windows 10/8/7.

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