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Windows Media Player Update: Risks and Guides

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Feedbacks from users show Windows Media Player update is irreversible. So watch out, do you prefer the functions in the latest Windows Media Player or its earlier versions? Each time WMP update comes with enriched video music format support, together with the security update to read protected media. You can learn Windows Media Player update content before you decide to do it or not.

Finding Windows Media Player Update Troublesome? Here's the Solution

Windows Media Player update, on earth, is making concessions to user demands bit by bit, not willing to offer multi-media solutions all at once. This is no good experience to anyone, to tell the truth. While 5KPlayer as a free 3rd party software doesn't care for the Microsoft video codecs at all, it's intended to offer pleasant video music playback utilities for Windows (10) and Mac (Catalina) users.

windows media player update

How to Play Videos with Best Free Windows Media Player Alternative?

Download 5KPlayer for Windows 10 [PC, Surface Book, Surface Pro 4] and Mac [Catalina or earlier supported].
Step 1: Drag and drop the video file into 5KPlayer interface, or you could select "Music" or "Video" tab to open media files.

Video Playback Special Features:
Support adding Windows Media Player subtitles, rotate videos, or deinterlace videos for best scenario.
Boost up to 8K video playback on Windows 10 with robust playback kernel. Indeed, 4K 5K UHD content is a mere cinch.
Support AirPlay video from PC to Apple TV , blasting the HD enjoyment with exaggerated fun.

Music Playback Special Features:
Support vast music format. Most importantly, boosting professional equalizers for music genre, which is not available in most free media players.

best free windows media player alternative

Windows Media Player update powers your native Windows Media Player with more utilities to rely on, while an easier free alternative is here, if you don't feel like to do the selecting and reading work all the time, then try 5KPlayer. It's understandable that WMP always keeps reservations, but indeed you can turn to something simpler.

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