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Top Media Players for Windows/Mac Review: 5KPlayer vs. VLC Media Player

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Wiser choices are made through comparison. Therefore, to choose between the most powerful media players for both Mac/Windows - 5KPlayer vs. VLC media player, we present an authentic comparison ever for you to weigh their features and functionalities.

5KPlayer: The Best Free VLC Media Player Alternative

By comparing 5KPlayer to VLC media player, you can deepen your knowledge about these two free media players and end up with a more convincing and satisfactory choice. You can also download both 5KPlayer and VLC for a comparison yourself. After comparing, you can find that VLC and 5KPlayer are the best free alternative to each other.s

5KPlayer vs. VLC Player

5KPlayer vs. VLC Media Player Comparison List

Windows/Mac 5Kplayer Ver 6.0(38mb) VLC (28mb)
Interface/Icon Simple and elegant Ugly with buggy interface quirks
HD image quality Even better UHD video handler:8K/5K/4K A slightly worse image quality
Online Download 300+ online site download/breatpoint resumption download Online video integrate VLC with web channel streaming services
Built-in search
Playback Smooth video playback/patial Blu-ray playback/CPU friendly Good video playback quality/patial Blu-ray playback, but VLC not working also happens occasionally
Formats ast video player that plays almost all known formats ast video player that plays almost all known formats
New user-friendly Lovely playlist with tag function
Flow chart user-guide
Obsolete playlist
Airplay AirPlay (mirroring; recording) for both Window/Mac No(Windows)/yes(Mac)
Customization Customizable
Video De-interlacing
Robust subtitle analyzing and insertion
Video Rotation/Flip
Track synchronization
More audio channel mode: Stereo, RStereo, Left, Right, Dolbys
Video preview function
Play incomplete, unfinished, damaged videos, or an unknown format in its raw form
Highly Customizable
De-interlacing; cropping
Robust subtitle support
Video Rotation/Flip
Track synchronization
Built-in audio equalizer
Apple remote control
Play incomplete, unfinished, damaged videos, or an unknown format in its raw form

---prepared according to related data and 5KPlayer & VLC user comments

Verdict: Just like choosing perfumes, since they all can cover the body-odor, we tend to lay more emphasis on finding the right fragrance for ourselves that meets our personality rather than the time long it lasts. Thus, even though VLC is an open source media player tycoon that has been through many years and years ahead, if it hardly meets your need or caters to your way of visual perception, choose 5KPlayer.

Now for the last recommendation: if you are still lingering over which one to choose, 5KPlayer or VLC, why not download and use them both as mutual complements since they are free of charge and safe as house.
For detailed upgrade info about latest version of 5KPlayer, go to 5KPlayer Upgrage Changelog>>

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