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Best Video Player for Windows Phone 10/Lumia 950 XL

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Which is the best video player for Windows Phone 10/8/7? Up to now nothing can take a lead. Then take a look at the review of 5 best video players for Windows Phone Lumia, you may get feature rich viewing experience on Windows Phone like watching 640*480 complex video format MKV, FLV with subtitle support. With the release of Windows 10 mobile, WP 10 is now a PC-like device as long as long you have a mouse, keyboard and a display. Just see how a Windows Phone video player can work wonders on your phone!

Best Windows Phone Video Player: From Windows PC to Windows Phone

Before entering mobile market as the best video player for Windows Phone 10/8.1, 5KPlayer has gained sophisticated experience on Windows 10 PC and Surface Pro 4/Book. It's now ready to hit the shelve of Windows Phone video/music player for WP 10/8.1 and Lumia, making video and music playback on Windows Phone easier than ever!

5 best video player for windows phone

Choose The Windows Phone Video Player That Suits You Most

Unlike other video players for Windows, which features PC version only, the free 5KPlayer is taking the whole system of Windows Phone/PC/tablet into consideration, it supports all video format that a Windows Phone 10 can recognize: play H.264 videos, MPEG 4, WMV2, and the format that WP 8.1 won't play natively, such as play MOV videos, AVI, MKV, MTS etc. Before releasing its version of a video player for Windows Phone, the freeware already topped the list of 5 media players for Windows 10, then relaying the success on best Surface Pro 4/3 APPs.
There is every reason to opt for a video player for Windows Phone 10 with multi-platform expertise. See the review first before you decide.

VLC for Windows Phone

NO. 3 VLC Player: Universal Video Player APP for Windows Phone

Windows universal APP, a brand new project aimed to establish the continuity of user experience between Windows Phone, PC and tablets. That been said, VLC video player for Windows Phone is also among the first to provide multi-functionality on all Windows devices. A good trial though, we have noticed a slew of user feedbacks of VLC not working on Windows, so think twice.
Feature in function: Easy-to-navigate tabs for music, video and play list, sleek orange-and-white UI, resume the video where you left on Windows Phone. Make sure you run it on Windows Phone 8.1 or up.

NO. 2 Video Explorer: Navigation In It Makes Sorting Video on Windows Phone Easy

Navigation oriented, choose Video Explorer video player for Windows Phone 8.1 for really robust video file search help. Video "Explorer", as its name indicates, is designed to supply smart utility to locate videos on Windows Phone 10 or Nokia Lumia 950, either from the albums or from SD card. The gesture control wherein is a highlight: you can change position, volume and brightness of the playing video by swiping your finger over the screen of your Windows Phone 10.
Requires in-APP purchase of codec pack like MKV codec for Windows Media Player.

NO.1 Anticipated Free Video Player For Windows Phone - Coming Soon

best video player for Windows Phone

Let's see your video player for Windows Phone and Windows PC as a whole, isn't it great to connect them for good? The freeware can now achieve equal streaming experience like Chromecast AirPlay from Windows Phone to HDTV, you may refer to how to use 5KPlayer to set up AirPlay.
When installed on a Windows 10 PC, 5KPlayer plays everything you throw at it including WMV, MP4, VOB, even alternating the $14.99 Windows DVD player to play DVD on Windows 10 free fast;
If you have doubt in how to download movies in Windows Phone, 5KPlayer features its dual-function as a free 4K video downloader for Windows Phone: It downloads YouTube videos or download Soundcloud music to sync to your WP8, Lumia 950 XL.

NO. 5 Best Player: Well, It Finally Managed to Get Listed

Have to cram it into the lesser-perfect video players for Windows Phone 10 list. With basic support for MKV AVI MOV video, it can roughly met users' basic demand for a Windows Phone media player. Certainly, to enjoy feature-rich video format, here's one tool to convert videos to Windows Phone. However, video files on your Windows Phone 10/8.1, Lumia 950 XL SD Card [Videos, Pictures, Music folder] are not readable, this will ask you to move them out for playback.
Good point is: Best Player for Windows Phone supports file sharing, as well as subtitles in a slew of different languages: Arabic, Baltic, Central European, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, etc.

After The Specs, Here's A Short Summary:
When searching for a video player in Windows Phone APP store, it's likely to find them all rated below 4 stars. Even the 5 best video players for Windows Phone 10 recommended here are not spotless. Now here dishes out a downloader, player and streamer integrated 3-in-1: Eyeing at the NO.1 best video music player for Windows Phone 10/Lumia 950 XL, 5KPlayer will approach Windows Phone users soon, relaying its success as the best universal media player on Windows 10 PC, and Surface Pro 4.

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