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5 Best HD Movie Players for Windows 10 Review

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Looking for best HD movie free download, or a 1080p player? Today we pick up the HD movie players for Windows 10 top 5 for a closer comparison, with special emphasis given to their performance in playing 720p HD/1080p FHD/4K UHD movies. As they each have distinctive features appealing to your unique demand as a 1080p video player, take a quick glimpse and get yourself the one on-demand!

Best HD Movie Player for Entertainment - 5KPlayer

HD Movie Player - 5KPlayer

As its name indicates, the well-targeted 5KPlayer fits PC (Windows 10 compatible) user second to none in playing HD movies from 720p to 1080p or higher. It is a:

  • Standard 4K video player for home entertainment.
  • Support 720p HD/1080p 4K UHD non-stop playback.
  • In-class audiovisual experience, with superb equalizers.

Some HD movie players can recognize 4K movies, yet more often than not, they run into stutters or chokes. If you chose an HD movie player with flaws, chances are that you'll get through tedious waiting of images no sound - Stay with 5KPlayer, and you'll find it's powerful kernel as an 1080p video player working as sleek as its intuitive UI. Take a look at what you can do with this genuine HD movie player:

* Real-time add .ass, .srt, .ssa subtitles to high-def movies;
* Featuring a right-click context menu enabling customizable options like rotate screen and taking a snapshot;
* Automatically adjust playback windows to fit HD movie aspect ratio: 16:9, 4:3, etc.
* No black frills, presenting 720p HD/1080p FHD/4K UHD movies in full and no interlacing problems.

Sided by the just-as-sleek function to download online 4K videos from HD movie streaming websites, and the utility to play DVDs, 5KPlayer is a special mogul basketing high res movie entertainment from top to toe. You may also finish this review of HD player top 5 before making decisions:

List of top 5 HD movie players:

1. 5KPlayer - In-class HD movie player (Support 4K, H.265)
2. Cyberlink PowerDVD
3. Ace Player HD - Torrent support available
4. Cyberlink PowerDVD
5. AllPlayer HD

NO. 2 VLC Media Player: HD Movie Player with Improved UI

No. 2 HD Movie Player - VLC

Just like 5KPlayer, VLC for Windows 10 handles mainstream HD/FHD movie codecs like H.264/H.265, and WebM unimpeded. Yet for media file management, this HD movie player isn't as intuitive as 5KPlayer due to the lack of a "play list mode", but it's just as convenient if you want to add subtitles to the movies.

Old versions of VLC interface running on Windows 7/8 have been regarded as outdated. Recently this HD player developer made an overhaul for VLC for Windows 10 UI - much better-looking – however, just like other Windows Store APPs, stability issues remain ostentatious, with VLC not playing DVD and VLC audio delay errors jumping out quite often.

NO. 3 Ace Player HD: HD Movie Player with Torrent Support

No. 3 HD Movie Player - Ace Player HD

Now that bit torrent websites remain an effective (yet not advisable method) to get 1080p UHD/Full HD movies/content, there are a good amount of torrent players out there, and Ace Player HD is one of them with HD support.

Despite its good popularity, watching 1080p HD movies with Ace Player HD may somewhat infringe the HD movie content copyright. But the advantage is just attractive - playing HD movie torrent without downloading the whole lot of videos really saves you disk space.
But stability is poor, with Softonic also referring to it as "less stable" - and that - for an HD movie player with backdoors to movie torrent, this is not hard to imagine.

NO. 4 PowerDVD: Dual-Functional for both HD Movies and DVD Format

NO.5 PowerDVD - HD Movie Player

As its name indicates, Cyberlink PowerDVD is a multi-functional media player with support for both HD movies and various DVD format. With its strong kernel to tackle Blue-ray DVD without hassle, PowerDVD runs 720p HD/1080p FHD/UHD just as smooth as cream.

Like 5KPlayer, PowerDVD employs Truetheater technology to render the pixel-perfect images and bring down stutters or sneezes in the play of an HD movie, and delivers quite stable performance on Windows and Mac.

Shipping HD movie support and DVD format support at one stroke, you can get PowerDVD 15 Ultra/16 for $59.05(discount price) at Amazon, also check out where to get PowerDVD coupon Code to save yourself more.

NO. 5 ALLPlayer: HD Player with Automatic Download of Matching Subtitles

NO.5 ALLPlayer - HD Movie Player

ALLPlayer developed by ALLPlayer Group is a competitive contender following the above-mentioned HD movie players. Alongside the support for 1080P HD/UHD/Full UHD movie entertainment, the most notable feature lies in the automatic function to download matching subtitles to HD movies from opensubtitles.org. This feature comes extremely useful for an HD movie player as it allows you to choose the most in-sync subtitles.

However, ALLPlayer's ability with images isn't the best of all, though it also walks you from 720p HD, 1080p FHD to 4K UHD within its range, it often gets stuck halfway when moves gets faster. But after all, as a qualified player with supports for MP4, 3GP, MKV, M2TS etc. codec intuitively, ALLPlayer costs you no dime.

Why We Choose 5KPlayer as the Best HD Movie Player?

If high definition is your serious concern, one of the best 5 HD movie players listed above should be able to suit you fine. Taking a closer look at the review may just help you tell out the best one fitting into your special needs, as Ace Player HD can play HD torrent files, PowerDVD also supports playing Blue-ray DVD. That being said, why we recommend 5KPlayer as the best HD movies player for home entertainment?

1. Connect computer to TV wirelessly to stream HD movies for the whole family.

5KPlayer features Apple's AirPlay streaming technology to help you stream whatever movies, videos from PC/Mac to Apple TV. As the first free HD player for AirPlay, no longer do you have to huddle in front of a computer screen to watch HD movies.

1. Natively plays HD movies in MKV, MP4.

MKV, MP4 are 2 of the most popular container format for HD movies, which helps you save, transfer high-definition media files in a smaller size. You may need to install 3rd-party codecs in order to play these files on your default media player, but 5KPlayer reads them all as befitting an HD player.

After the review work, bet you already have the ideal HD movie player in mind. The straight-A 5KPlayer outperforms the rest with its complete support to play the pixel-perfect 4K videos. With an built-in download module that captures unlimited HD videos online to replenish your media collection, it's an overachiever as not just an video player, but also a downloader to download movies, Facebook movies and download from 300+ online video websites. With its in-time upgrade for Windows 10 and macOS Sierra, 5KPlayer should be the last HD movie player you need!

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