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Top 5 Tablet Video Players Free Download

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

When looking for a tablet video player, what features are your tier-one concerns? Everyone is going after a video player tablet that occupies less of the device storage while driving movies in high gear, with wider color range and less blurrings. As befitting a tablet video player, it's important to configure the latest GPU hardware acceleration technology. Considering the ubiquity of Windows 10 tablets, this collection centers on 5 models of best tablet video player for Windows 10 and Android, take a look at which one is the best for you.

1. 5KPlayer - Best Free Tablet Video Player Download (100% Green)
2. Video Player for Tablet - A Bold Beta from the PC-based VLC Player
3. MX Player – High Quality Tablet Video Player (Kids Lock Support)
4. Archos Video Player – Video Player for Windows Tablet with Smart Media Archive
5. KMPlayer – Video Player for Tablet with Multi-tasking Capability

It's important to choose a video player for tablet by looking at its user reviews and total download figures, for the usability and security of this video player tablet (Windows 10/Surface Pro 4/Surface Book) has been proved elsewhere. A genuine video player tablet helps turn your Windows 10 tablet into a portable HD theater, dishing out better audiovisual experience than iPhone while taking up less space than a laptop.

Here below is a list of best tablet video players, which one among them is best for you? Just take a look at them.

#1: 5KPlayer - Best Free Tablet Video Player Download (100% Green)

Getting a top-tier tablet video player can help you run a portable tablet, powered with Windows 10 or Android in the way a full-fledged computer does. 5KPlayer, the free video player tablet is just a case in point. Shipped with state-of-the-art techniques enabling latest tablet models to play 1080p, 4K videos with the help of Intel QSV&NVENC hardware. This free media player can release 101% the potential of your tablet.

5KPlayer - Best Free tablet video player

Why is 5KPlayer the Best Free Tablet Video Player?

★★★★★ Rating:5 Type: Free OS: Windows, Mac

First awarded as one of the best video player for Surface Pro 4, the free 5KPlayer relays its capability to Windows 10 as befitting a free tablet video player, serving Huawei Matebook, Surface Book, Asus Transformer Book T100HA impeccably.

Unlike video players for PCs or laptops, it's imperative for a tablet video player to fit into a device's tablet mode, i.e. running keyboard on the desktop by finger-tapping on any area. To that end, the frame-free GUI design of 5KPlayer - the highly-compact video player tablet is a space-saving option: Intelligently, it adapts the size of the playback area according to the resolution of a movie screen, be it 720p 1080p, 4K, etc.

With this tablet video player, you won't run into embarrassing moments like the movie screen been blocked by another popping-up Window, and full-screen experience is better than ever.

 5KPlayer - best tablet video player for Windows tablet

If you're in search of a free tablet video player known for stability and portability, then you won't go wrong with the free 5KPlayer: A true 3-in-1 tablet that runs non-stop as a video player for most of the time, with the added bonus to be turned into an online video downloader for Windows 10 when you need it. Basketing 80+ video formats into its box, 5KPlayer is without doubt a free multimedia player that you won't regret getting.

Version 6.0 of 5KPlayer is available right below, the setup file is 100% clean and safe, you may either follow the installation wizard or choose a user-defined path to run 5KPlayer:

#3 MX Player – High Quality Tablet Video Player (Kids Lock Support)

★★★★☆ Rating:4.5 Type: Free OS: Windows, Mac, Android

MX Player is one of the powerful tablet video players for Windows (10) tablet with hardware acceleration technology to guarantee playback smoothness (There's also a version for Android tablets). If your tablet is dual-core rather than single-core one, then MX Player is indeed a useful accelerator: Almost 70% performance enhanced through its multi-core decoding technology.

If you have a kid under 9 at home, you'd find the Kids Lock feature of this video player tablet rather considerate. For this keeps the tablet running MX Player only (while playing a video for the kids while stepping away) unless you unlock it, hence no mistake phone calls.

For Android users, MX video player for Android tablet is also available in Google Play Store.

MX Video Player for Tablet

Software Size: Pros:
Support pinch zoom in/out on Windows 10 tablets.
"Prevent Device from Sleeping" control sets your hand free when placing the tablet on a tablet case.
Easily swipe upward/downward to adjust tablet video player brightness.

May retard performance/cause crashes on earlier tablet models without a powerful device core.
Sometimes the player freezes on device without enough storage.

#5 KMPlayer – Video Player for Tablet with Multi-tasking Capability

KMPlayer - tablet video player
★★★★★ Rating:5 Type: Free with Ads OS: Android

Another free tablet video player just like 5KPlayer. KMPlayer shouldn't be new to you if you're a subscriber of pandora TV, which is the developer of KMPlayer.

According to Google Play descriptions, rather than providing its service in English only, KMPlayer covers an extensive market by offering 30+ languages. One killer feature worth mentioning is its flexible playback speed control function - which enables you to play 1.3*, 1.4* and up to 4.0* the speed according to your demand, in case you need to play multiple videos at the same time with only 1 tablet video player, KMPlayer has made multi-tasking possible.

However, we have not thoroughly tested the overall performance of this video player for tablet, and have noticed a number of critiques as of the problem of subtitles going error code in this video player for tablet. By the way, while it earn plenty of 5/5 ratings, there are 22,000+ 1/5 ratings on Google Play Store so far.

Speed Control Feature

Too many ads popping out, may interfere playback experience.

Which tablet video player among the abovementioned list do you prefer, or do you need any more infomation before finally making up the mind? Now that you have a shiny new model of Android tablet, choosing an easy-to-use tablet video player can swiftly turn it as a portable video theater, presenting HD videos in its original quality.

So far, 5KPlayer is the best and free video player we recommend if you have a Windows tablet (Windows 10 or earlier compatible) , for it is highly-compact and usable, with probably the most up-to-date video codecs embedded, easily facilitating multimedia playback on a tablet.

If you have an Android tablet, then choose from 2~4 in the above list, and there certainly is one appealing to your taste.

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