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How to Play DVD on Windows 10 PC?

Posted by Amanda Hu | Last updated: January 03, 2020

How to play DVD on Windows 10? Use the $15 default Windows DVD player, or other ways? After the discontinuation of Windows Media Center on Windows 10, the new choice runs into problems with switching discs and etc. Looking for the easiest way to watch DVD on Windows 10 PC? Here's a second-to-none Windows 10 DVD player to play DVD, video_ts, ISO on Windows 10 without costing you a penny.

5KPlayer - Play DVD on Windows 10 Region Code 1-6

5KPlayer is a full-functional DVD player for Windows 10. It walks you through how to play DVD on Windows 10, including regular DVDs, encrypted DVDs, video_ts, etc in a sleek manner. Taking DVD playback to a new stage: 5KPlayer will make you wow .

How to Play DVD on Windows 10

AirPlay DVD with Windows 10 DVD Player 5KPlayer
1. Hit AirPlay icon on the top-right corner, select the target DVD AirPlay receiver – Apple TV, in the pop-up menu.
2. Drag and drop the converted DVD file onto 5KPlayer interface to start playing DVD on Windows 10.

Tips and Note:
- AirPlay support videos in mp4, mov, m4v natively, learn how to AirPlay AVI MKV and more format.
- Connect the Windows 10 PC and and Apple TV to the same Wi-Fi.

AirPlay DVD  Windows 10

5KPlayer - Experienced DVD Player on Windows 10 After Windows 8/7/Vista

Such a prudent user like you to keep reading till here, how could this free DVD player for Windows 10 let you down? Yes, just to your expectation, 5KPlayer has gained comprehensive DVD disc playing experience on Windows 8/7/Vista platform, it's amazing without blemish, waiting for old Windows users to patronage.
Still not know for sure? Then refer to this top 5 media players for Windows 10 for specific parameter comparison.
If you are hovering to see whether the capability of this free Windows 10 DVD player might disappoint you, just like balking at whether to upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10. Then wait no time because it can play DVD and video_ts on your current OS in use seamlessly. But to tell the truth, the only chance that you might regret is balking for too long.

If DVD playback is the major business of a multi-purpose DVD player for Windows 10, then you can expect it to live DVD playback on different OS platform to the fullest. Bonus of the last: We know you are into playing DVD on Windows 10, then how about download HD movies to your new Windows 10 media hub?

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