DearMob iPhone Manager V6.6

A robust iOS backup and transfer tool for every iPhone/iPad owner

This tool is the must-have app for iPhone switch, daily management and batch tasks. You can transfer everything from old iPhone iPad to new devices, computers, and external hard drives. Safe and Easy.
Back up whatever you like, bulk transfer photos, contacts and media files, enjoy ultra flexibility.


Treasure Amazing Stuff Created on iPhone

Access and preview iPhone photos, videos, music and files directly from a desktop machine; batch import and export media, contacts, messages, preserve App data flexibly; backup and restore iPhone, all under your control.

  • Photo

    Stably transfer photos among iPhone, computers and iPad, decide whether to keep HEIC or JPG format, metadata retained.
  • Music

    Export songs to get share-happy, add any music to iPhone, make ringtones from your collections, convert incompatible songs to mp3, curate your own playlists.
  • Video

    Export any video from iPhone to computers or external hard drives to free up iPhone space, import movies to iPad to watch on the go.
  • Backup

    Give your device a full backup in case of bad scenarios, also opt for a selective backup to choose whatever you want to back up. Two modes, double guarantee.
  • Files

    Operate files as flexible as using a file explorer: copy documents into or out of iPhone, view keynote, pages, spreadsheet, PDFs, keep App data.
  • SMS

    Back up and export iMessage and text messages, view photos and videos embedded in your conversation, and export them out too.
  • App

    Install, delete and manage Apps on a bigger screen. Export files from file-sharing enabled Apps, option to keep app data upon restoration.
  • Contact

    Transfer contact from iPhone to iPhone, manage contact cards on computer, auto detect and merge duplicated contacts in a click.
  • Ringtone

    Create ringtones from iPhone songs or any music at your choice. Easily cut and trim it to a desired length, and sync to iPhone in a whoosh.
  • Book

    Transfer and manage your iBook, ePub, PDF and audio books, convert to TXT, HTML, PDF for kindle compatibility, enjoy reading on any device.
  • Security

    Option to set password for your data, including backup files, photos, videos, and contact list. Best protection against brute-force attack.
  • Podcast

    Download your collection of podcast and iTunes U courses from iPhone iPad to a computer, or transfer episodes to your iPhone.
  • Voice

    Select and export Voice Memos files to a computer easily, if you wish. Won't copy anything against your will for privacy concerns.
  • Calendar

    Add and edit calendar on a bigger screen from your computer, sync it to iPhone iPad, transfer calendar events across devices.
  • USB

    Mount your iPhone as a USB flash drive, store and manage any file and document the way you use a thumb drive.

Better Transfer iPhone and iPad Photos

Are you putting off the photo managing task for weeks? DearMob iPhone Manager offers you an easy way to transfer photos across iPhone iPad and computers at full resolution, with EXIF data preserved. Apple ProRAW supported!

  • Backup and Transfer Photos Easily

    Import & Export photos by Albums/Types. No iTunes or iCloud constrains, won't erase existing data.

  • Lightning Fast and Stable

    Transfer 100 pieces of 4K photos in 8 seconds. Handle 10000+ photos transfer without freezing.

  • Efficiently Manage and Mass Delete

    Non-distortion: export original and edited pictures. Convert HEIC to JPG, bulk delete at your choice.

  • 11 Photo Managing Tricks You Didn't Know Before>>

Transfer Music & Manage Playlist

Transfer All Kinds of Videos Across Devices

Take Full Control of What to Backup & Restore

Offering a full range of iOS & iPadOS backup and restore options: full, incremental, selective backup and restore, this light-weight iPhone manager rid you from Finder/iTunes backup corruption errors or iCloud limitations. You can change iPhone backup location to a designated folder.

  • Fully Backup/Restore

    Backup iPhone iPad data to PC/Mac/External hard drives, and select a copy to restore.

  • Selectively Backup/Restore

    Selectively backup and restore certain types of data. For instance, copy only photos to a new iPhone.

  • Option to Restore App Data

    Upon restoring and phone switching, you can enable the option to restore Apps and App data.

Cherish Years of Memories in Apps

With DearMob, Everything is Under Control

Get DearMob iPhone Manager to Take More Control of Your Devices

DearMob Reviews from High-authority Sites

  • Designed to be simple to use while still being a powerful tool. When compared with iTunes the biggest bonus of the DearMob iPhone Manager is the ability to back up specific data such as your photo, music, video, contacts, SMS etc.

  • Dearmob iPhone Manager has enhanced security standards. This smart little app relies on multiple encryption algorithms for added security, including 1024-bit RSA, 256-bit AES, PBKDF2 and Argon 2.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager is designed around the ability to manage each file individually. So instead of selecting a folder, clicking sync and hoping for the best, you can just select and transfer exactly the file you want.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager is an iTunes replacement as an all-in-one solution for managing content on your iPhone from your Mac. That includes managing content like photos, music, videos and books, as well as backups.

  • DearMob iPhone Manager is data management software for iPhone and iPad. The main reason I like this program is that it contains all the features you can ever need to control your iPhone without having an overly confusing user interface.

About Company

Digiarty Software, Inc. is a vigorous software company with a forefront developing outlook. DearMob – a sub-brand of Digiarty Software, is led by its innovative tagline product DearMob iPhone Manager. The brand is ready to enable more dynamic growth with compact and competitive products for Mac/Windows/iOS/Android users in the future.

DearMob iPhone Manager is designed to address one problem that perplexes most iOS users: how to manage iPhone iPad in a flexible, easy and secure way. With professional solutions and advanced algorithms, our developers are proud to bring simplicity to people's digital life.

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