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DearMob iPhone Manager is an idiot-proof iOS manager to backup and restore, manage and transfer iPhone photos, videos, music, contacts etc with encryption method. Since released, it has received a lot of applause from varied tech sites' editors. Users all over the world also send us positive feedbacks and suggestions. Let's check their ideas.

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Editors Say...

"DearMob iPhone Manager is data management software for iPhone and iPad. The main reason I like this program is that it contains all the features you can ever need to control your iPhone without having an overly confusing user interface."


"A straightforward utility for managing your iDevice more efficiently. DearMob iPhone Manager is a tool designed to help you seamlessly transfer files to and from your PC as well as edit tracks, videos, podcasts or create backups for your important data."


"This tool can easily be used as an alternative to iTunes for Windows. iPhone Manager is quite easy and straightforward to use in comparison to other tools. The features offered are complete in themselves and does not require iTunes or any other software for that matter."

The Windows Club

"DearMob iPhone Manager is designed around the ability to manage each file individually. So instead of selecting a folder, clicking sync and hoping for the best, you can just select and transfer exactly the file you want. That's true for music, movies, photos, you name it."

Cult of Mac

"DearMob iPhone Manager offers more flexible, safer, and easier iOS device management for Windows and Mac. Content is added without erasure warnings, as there is no account restriction, nor the one-library-one-iPhone limitation. Syncing multiple iPhones and iPads with multiple Macs and PCs is a worry-free task."


"Significantly more flexible than Apple's backup methods. It can automatically adapt files to users' needs during import and convert them directly into the appropriate format. This applies to videos and music as well as to e-books."


"As far as efficiency is concerned, DearMob iPhone Manager for Mac or Windows is more functional than iTunes. Moreover, the software excels in letting you back up, restore and manage your entire data including photos, videos, music, and contacts as perfectly as you would ever like."


"DearMob offers an outstanding alternative to iTunes, featuring a clear and user-friendly interface. One of the most appealing aspects is the program's versatile range of applications."


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Safely manage any of your iOS file.

  • Backup & restore all iOS data with 1 click. Easily switch iPhones.
  • Transfer & manage photo, music, video, contact, App and more.

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More Reviews on DearMob iPhone Manager

"All-in-all, I'm quite impressed how fast DearMob exports photos, even when you choose to have your photos converted."

"لا أحد يحب انتظار حاسبه أو هاتفه لينتهي من نقل الملفات، ومن هذا المبدأ يقدم لك DearMob iPhone Manager ميزة السرعة العالية في النقل، حيث يمكنك نقل ملفات مهما كانت صيغتها بأحجام تصل إلى غيغابايت أو أكثر في دقائق.بالإضافة لذلك، البرنامج سهل التثبيت وواجهة المستخدم بسيطة وسهلة للغاية، وسيرشدك البرنامج نحو طريقة التخزين. وتستطيع نقل ملفات الصور على سبيل المثال بحسب التاريخ أو الألبوم أو ببساطة الاختيار بشكل عشوائي."

"Transfer any iOS files using an iTunes alternative like DearMob iPhone Manager. This will allow you to get important files off your iPhone or iPad, which iTunes may not be able to offer - that means the ability to get your contacts onto a computer, or photos onto multiple machines, for example."

"Without any doubt, DearMob iPhone Manager doesn't only replace iTunes. This is an all-in-one solution for controlling your iOS device and making sure that you keep your data under control. It's easy to use, covers different types of data, and works flawlessly. "

"One of my favorite feature of DearMob iPhone Manager's is its ability to convert HEIC to JPG format and this alone makes it one of the best iPhone photo managers out there. "

"DearMob iPhone Manager is a fully featured tool that lets you back up and sync photos, videos, music, books, apps, contacts and even messages from your iPhone to your Mac or PC."

"DearMob iPhone Manager is really helpful for finding specific images and videos on your phone that you want to export, and I appreciate being able to import images, videos, and MP3s to the phone without using iTunes. One of my favorite features is the ease with which I can create new ringtones from my own music and they are automatically set up as ringtones on my phone. "

"DearMob iPhone manager is a simple-to-use software available for Windows as well as Mac devices that can be used to backup and restore complete iPhone data with just one click. "

"When compared with iTunes the biggest bonus of the DearMob iPhone Manager is the ability to back up specific data such as your photo, music, video, contacts, SMS etc."

"It also offers two-way sync to multiple computers with no data loss, fast transfer speeds, password protection for selected files and the ability to perform a one-click full backup and restore."

"Parmi les avantages de cette solution, le plus évident est qu'elle ne nécessite ni d'ouvrir iTunes, ni de passer par le cloud. À cela, il faut ajouter une simplicité d'utilisation certaine et de bonnes performances par rapport à iTunes. "

"Certo, preferire un software del genere alla più collaudata soluzione di Apple è una scelta di gusti ed esigenze ma averlo a disposizione sicuramente fornisce una buona alternativa."

"雖然現時有很多 iTunes 取代品,但功能如此全面的暫時只有這套 DearMob 做到。最令人驚喜的就是可以管理 App,很久以前,筆者要用 iTools 安裝 IPA 檔,想不到現在可用 DearMob 進行了。"

"Mit dem DearMob iPhone Manager können Sie die Kontrolle über Ihr Gerät und Ihre gesamten Daten übernehmen. Mit einem Klick erstellen Sie eine Sicherung, wenn gewünscht auch verschlüsselt. Sie können manuell Fotos, Musik, Dateien, Kontakte, Apps, SMS und vieles mehr schnell sichern. "

"DearMob iPhone Manager lets you securely transfer iPhone data like your photos, videos, music, contacts, books, ringtones, voice memos and more with optional built-in encryption, the ability to remove DRM protection and more—no iTunes required whatsoever."

"DearMob iPhone Manager is an iTunes replacement as an all-in-one solution for managing content on your iPhone from your Mac. That includes managing content like photos, music, videos and books, as well as backups, data recovery and much more all from a single app."

" L'interface sobre et claire du logiciel (pour macOS ou Windows) donne accès à une multitude de fonctions avancées; la sauvegarde et la restauration des données, le transfert et la gestion des documents (photos/HEIC, musique, contact, SMS, Podcast, Calendrier, etc.) ou bien encore la synchronisation."

"DearMob iPhone Manager giúp sao lưu tất cả dữ liệu trên iPhone, iPad qua Mac hoặc Windows để đề phòng trường hợp thiết bị của bạn bị đánh cắp, bị mất hoặc bị hỏng. Nó cũng dễ dàng khôi phục các bản sao lưu từ máy tính sang thiết bị iOS chỉ với một cú nhấp chuột."

"DearMob iPhone Manager 可以做到 iTunes 絕大部分的功能(無法聽 Apple Music),更可以做到不少 iTunes 無法做到的事,像是傳送照片到電腦、幫檔案加密、把 iPhone 變成隨身碟…等,讓你在使用 iPhone 更加得心應手。"

"But DearMob iPhone manager is more than just an iPhone backup application. It lets you selectively import and export photos, songs, and movies, and it can perform these transfers at high speed."

"DearMob also makes it super-easy to extract files from within your iOS applications. Did you have a PDF inside of an app that you just want to extract? DearMob makes short work of it in all of our tests here."

"Most importantly, Dearmob iPhone Manager has enhanced security standards. When you copy data from your iPhone or iPad to your PC, it directly overwrites the original data on disk with encryption, instead of creating unencrypted originals that aren't always easy to completely erase."

"What's more, using the this manager is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need is to do is plug the phone into your PC and then forget all about iTunes. Excited? I bet you are."

"If you're looking for an alternative to iTunes with which you can easily manage your iPhone and its contents from your computer, you'll be happy to find out about the existence of DearMob iPhone Manager."

"It comes with a clean UI and everything is right in front of the Home screen. You don't need to look navigate inside to access its major features like iTunes. A software should be easily accessible by everyone; even for a newbie."

"Well, I'm glad to say that 5KPlayer has successfully replaced my previous video players and the software is just amazing. Not only to play the HD videos but it also offers several other efficient features."

"DearMob iPhone manager is highly efficient and flexible. I have been using it for a long time now and my experience so far has been excellent. It really makes the lives of iOS users a little easier. "


"I like this app most compare to other iPhone manager tools just because DearMob iPhone Manager is the most straightforward and secure solution to transfer and manage data between your iPhone, iPad, and computer."

"It's more than just storage. As what has been reiterated so far, it allows for an exponentially faster file management. Even a huge bulk of files worth a gigabyte or more can be processed or transferred in a matter of minutes."

"The biggest reason why I love DearMob iPhone Manager is the fact that it packs all the features that you will ever need to manage your iPhone and yet doesn't have an overcomplicated UI."

"Der DearMob iPhone Manager ist sowohl für macOS als auch für Windows in einer deutschen Version erhältlich und bestens als iTunes Alternative geeignet. Aufgaben lassen sich schneller und einfacher erledigen, hinzu kommen zusätzliche praktische Funktionen, wie das Synchronisieren von Nachrichten oder der Dateien."

“覺得 iTunes 對你來說操作起來太複雜嗎?那就試試 DearMob 公司所推出的 DearMob iPhone Manager 這款軟體吧!無論是傳輸音樂、影片、照片,甚至是對 iPhone 進行備份、還原, DearMob iPhone Manager 通通都可以辦到,而且 macOS 跟 Windows 這兩個平台上都可以使用!”

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