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Best MKV Players on Mac/PC - 5Kplayer, MPlayerX and VLC

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

MKV is a very popular container to store audio, video, images and subtitles. The specialized nature of the best MKV player is to play MKV files without the need of converting them so as to let you watch these files in their original quality. DearMob Inc. has released a new MKV player for Mac/PC, namely 5KPlayer, which has soon become one of the strongest competitors of MPlayerX and VLC, whose reputation as the best MKV players, are fully acquainted by Mac and Windows users. But which one would you vote as the best MKV player?

5KPlayer - the Best MKV Player Download for Free

Among all MKV players for both Mac and PC, 5KPlayer has the most outstanding qualification to play MKV, H.264, H.264 ect UHD/HD video files smoothly and even automatically enhancing the image clarity. Download 5KPlayer now and discover more its amazing features.

Best MKV Player

MKV File Types Supported by Best 3 MKV Players

File Type 5KPlayer VLC Media Player MPlayerX
HEVC/H.265 (.mkv) -
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (.mkv)
Matroska Video (.mkv)
MKV audio file (.mka) -
MKV subtitle file (.mks ) -
4K video - -

Best MKV Players – Image Quality

5KPlayer supports progressive scan which has the advantage of making every motion appear smoother and more realistic. With progressive scan there is no necessity in intentional blurring of videos. To put it this way, if a user wants to watch a movie with .mkv extension, and he wants to bring out the best image quality of this original MKV movie, correctly installing the 5KPlayer on your Mac OS and Windows is indeed the best choice.

Best MKV Player – Image Quality

In comparison to the other two best MKV players – MPlayerX and VLC, now you know which one is the best MKV player you will choose to install on your Mac and to help you play MKV files with the best quality. By choosing 5KPlayer, this best MKV player will give you more surprises to work as a popular video to audio converter such as converting AVI, WMV, MKV,ect to MP3, AAC music format. And it is an online video downloader as well. The Best MKV player is here to bring you plenty of advanced experience for it also offering you the best video streaming service to help you to stream media from one device to another.

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