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You might want to download streaming video from video streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Netflix when online buffering is tardy and annoying. A free streaming video downloader is here to laugh you out in a dull long journey when there's no Wi-Fi nor Internet.

How to Download/Record Streaming Video from YouTube or Hulu?

Streaming video websites often place no option to download streaming video, which skips the ad-viewing time that you have to wait for when streaming movies in browsers. A streaming video downloader hence is detailed here, along with 2 other hands-on ways to capture video streaming, enabling you the convenience to watch videos offline and download video stream in MP4, MKV, MOV as you please.

Free Streaming Video Downloader

Most commonly used method to download streaming videos include:
streaming video downloader ->>
video download websites ->>
video recording software ->>
The first two, as name indicate, save the video stream directly as a file while the video recorder can record your entire screen, assuredly any images or video stream you can see. Specified below are the differences among them regarding video output format, compatibility to video streaming websites, customization choice of video recording area and add-on functions of this free streaming video downloader.

1How to Download Streaming Video with 3rd Party Streaming Video Downloader Software?

- Compared to the browser-based video download websites like Keepvid or the video recording software, indepedent streaming video downloaders prove to be the most preferred choice featuring reliable performance and enclosed recording zone available. Often such 3rd party downloaders charges from $5.99 to above $30, while we discovered a newborn freeware - 5KPlayer, to run at excellent downloading speed and to download 4K/5K/8K UHD videos up to 73 output format available, it's built-in downloading kernel proves to be as robust as paid commercial video downloaders, fully tested by its utility in downloading 8K videos. In contrast, quite a number of software supports MP4 only as the streaming video downloading format.
- Another reason that matters for using independent streaming video downloader software is that, when working on other programs like Photoshop or Office, this streaming video recorder proceeds the downloading in background. So when your work gets done, the video stream also gets saved for offline viewing just fine.

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2How to Download Streaming Video with Browser-Based Downloading Websites?

Browser-based video downloading websites like Keepvid allow users to provide them with streaming video URLs, after the analyzing it provides a list of video streaming resource to choose and download from. This method features its lightweight advantage, not taking one more byte on your system disc, but also aroused user feedbacks like is Keepvid safe? Moreover, you have to sacrifice the video stream downloading speed, that the recording speed is throttled for other webpages you opened would share bandwidth, unlike an independent streaming video downloader that works confined only to your maximal broadband speed.

3How to Record Streaming Video on YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and more?

The ultimate solution of streaming video downloading and recording. There's just nothing that a Video Converter Pro for Mac or Windows can't do.
- It surpasses the above method of analyzing and downloading the streaming videos, which is somewhat like extracting a streaming video file, instead it records your computer screen at OS level, also enabling you to enclose a cetain video streaming playback area to record.
Now compared to the independent video streaming downloader 5KPlayer, the Video Converter Pro features powerful conversion functions in regard of streaming video formats, turning the html 4/5 YouTube video you just downloaded into the format that plays on iPhone/iPad, Android devices, Surface Pro 3 and more, while you have to keep the recording windows at top, unlike 5KPlayer which continues streaming video downloading whilst your doing Photoshops.

Streaming Video Downloader VS Download Website VS Video Recorder

The above three method all find you a way to download the video streams even when the network creeps. An independent streaming video downloader, boosting nice downloading speed and flexible output format choice of MKV, MP4 and more, guarantees higher level of stability and safety than the lightweight browser-based video download websites. While the multipurpose streaming video recorder which can handle even the unrecognizable URL and a bunch more video downloading functions, goes at a little cost but outshines in sleek performance.

How to Download Streaming Video from YouTube?

Step 1: Download and launch the best free streaming video downloader on your Mac/PC (If you haven't already).

Step 2: Get the streaming video search result for the streaming video clip from YouTube.

Note : Plus MP4, MKV, MOV, AVCHD streaming video download, this all-in-one video downloader also support streaming music playback from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and more.

Step 3: Tap YouTube button on the main interface of this free streaming video recorder, paste the video URL to it and click analyze.

Download Streaming Video YouTube

Step 4: Download the streaming video in different resolution and format..

Note : Tap the setting button right next to the streaming video preview, then you can select and download the streaming video in .mp4, .webm format, and in .mp3, .aac audio.

Step 5: Download streaming video and convert YouTube to MP3/ring tone.

Note : This streaming video downloader enables you to convert the streaming video into MP3 or ring tone, click the convert button after you finishing downloading and the conversion will start automatically.

Free Streaming Video Downloader

Video streaming services and music sharing websites are taking the place of downloading websites for their advantage in space-saving, but is it all good to repeatedly buffer a video stream when you want to watch it again? With this best free streaming video downloader you can grasp what you like and save for offline view directly. Want OS support to record streaming video? That would cost you dollars but is totally free here with 5KPlayer, just mirror your iPhone/iPad to Mac/Windows 10/8/7 and record the streaming video screen at only a mouse click.

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