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Top 4 Free Streaming Media Player Reviews

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Looking for a streaming media player? Which one is good in word of mouth, what extra function could be useful of a best streaming player? This review gives an A-to-Z comparison of the top 4 streaming media player software, from beginners in video streaming to advanced users can find what you need here.

What are the Top 4 Streaming Media Players?

5KPlayer absolutely ranks NO. 1 in the free streaming media player list. It does an awesome job in video streaming resolution, and has been performing magnificently with no glitches during our whole test process. One more thing this streaming media player software goes beyond expectation is that, it seamlessly supports every mainstream streaming services and every small providers, aggregating over 300 sites, not including those untested, which is, however, none of the rest three streaming media players could have ever done.

Top 4 streaming media player
Divx streaming player with web browser

Browser Streaming Media Player - Divx Web Player

- An expert for divx video, but only supports video stream in .divx, .avi, .mov, .mp4 format.
- All functions, as test proved, could be replaced by 5KPlayer.
- Free of charge, but not competitive among Divx web player alternatives.

Most Compatible - Plex Streaming Media Player

- Specially powerful in platform compatibility, handy if you need mobile access to a video/audio streaming from iPhone/Mac/PC.
- Charged for each streaming media player client on PC/Mac/iOS respectively.
- Less obtuse set-up than VLC video streaming.

Step 4: Download and Play the Bad Blood video with best streaming media player.

Note: Click download to get the video stream. You are free to save the streaming media as MP4, WEBM, or MKV videos. After downloading, Bad Blood video stream can be found in the YouTube Tab.

Step 5: Click the video stream icon, and this best free streaming media player will present the video streams with no stuttering at all.

Play Bad Blood with Best Streaming Media Player

Video Streaming Services and Music Streaming Services Free Available

5KPlayer is the best free streaming media player to stream MP4, MKV, WEBM videos and MP3, AAC music, etc.
If you are currently paying for video music streaming services monthly, here's some free and cute sites for you to explore more about free online video streaming.
Tips 1: Try best video streaming services to bypass the 1-account-3-device limits for most video streaming sites.
Tips 2: Refer to the top 6 music streaming services comparison to find out about online music streaming besides Pandora and Spotify.

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