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Play RTSP: RTSP Player Free Download for Windows 10 & Mac

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

"Hi, How do i use a media player to view my IP camera?"
"How to play rtsp stream on a media player on Windows 10?"

Solving these open RTSP streaming playback problems can be very simple when you know the source contents' server IP adress and get a RTSP player for Windows 10/macOS computer. This guide will walk you through every steps to get RTSP streaming to computer.

5KPlayer - The Best Free RTSP Player to Stream RTSP

To play RTSP files on Windows 10 and macOS, you will need 5KPlayer - a professional RTSP stream player that supports RTSP streaming protocol and provides smooth playback of H264, HEVC 4K 8K online movie streaming. Free download it now and enjoy the RTSP file without hiccups.

Best Free RTSP Player

Top Recommended RTSP Players for Windows 10 & macOS

Here we strongly recommend you three RTSP protocol compatible players:
VLC, 5KPlayer and Quicktime.

These three media player big names all have support for RTSP streaming and RTP streaming. Lightweight, cross-platforms, user-friendly and robust! And each of them features differently.

5KPlayer icon

1. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer can be the best choice for fetching media contents online (h265/h264) since it not only supports RTP/RTSP streaming and AirPlay streaming, but also has download access to over 300+ online video sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Twitch.

VLC icon

2. VLC

VLC might be the best choice for local media playback since it has a lot of tweaks and setting for users to customize.

QuickTime icon

3. FFmpeg

FFmpeg is not a media player, actually, it is a powerful, free and open-source project for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams. Some of the core algorithms of VLC, YouTube, iTunes, etc. are based on the workflow of this program. It is fast to access RTSP stream but it is very complex to set up and use.

QuickTime icon

4. Megacubo

Megacubo is a dedicated streaming player which can automatically capture the content from transmission link/URL. In addition to RTSP, it can also play M3U8, RTMP, and IPTV lists. But this player is only capable with Windows and Linux system.

QuickTime icon

5. QuickTime

Quicktime is a typical for MP4 file playback on Mac, since compared to VLC which usually takes up 35-40% CPU and 150 MB of RAM, QuickTime is usually 8-10% CPU and 25-30 MB of RAM.

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6. Kodi

Kodi is a free and open-source media player, the most important thing to make it one of the best choice is that you can customize your own player (easier than VLC). Not only the skin of the player, but also the features. You can install different add-ons to make it as simple as a light-weight video player, or as powerful as a video toolbox. If you want to play RTSP, go to install the RTMP Input add-on from its official site.

How to View IP Camera Using Best RTSP Player - 5KPlayer

To play RTSP/RTP video stream of IP camera on Windows/macOS, you will need to abide by RTSP URL formats and know IP address of your IP camera server. Regularly RTSP sample URL would be - rtsp://server.example.org:8080/test.sdp

However, since RTSP URLs are not standardized, you may want to refer to this RTSP Listing for IP camera manufacturers' RTSP URL addresses to locate and find your very IP Camera RTSP URL.

Step 1: For instance, you are using 4XEM E103C IP camera, and you will find its RTSP URL format like this - "rtsp://ip_address/live.sdp"

Step 2: Replace "ip_address" with your real IP address and paste the whole RTSP URL into 5KPlayer "Live" URL box.

How to Play RTSP Stream of IP Camera on Windows 10

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