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How to Chromecast from iPhone 6s/6?

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Now, since Chromecast has get iOS devices on board, offering many things for Chromecast from iPhone 6s/6: chromecast iPhone photos, chromecast iPhone apps, chromecast iPhone screen… Comparing Chromecast with AirPlay, you must be excited to set up your Chromecast 2 using your iPhone iOS 9/8. Here's a how to guide on using Chromecast iPhone and what we found about this fascinating cheap dougle.

How to "Chromecast" iPhone Screen to Windows

5KPlayer would be the best choice to cast self-recorded iPhone video and screen to Windows 10/8 PC and laptops, supporting high-res streaming up to 4K and Ultra HD.

Chromecast from iPhone

How to Mirror iPhone to Mac with This AirPlay Mirror Server Tutorial

Step 1: Download Windows version of this free iPhone-to-PC "Chromecast" software on your PC, then launch it.

Note: To achieve "Chromecast" from iPhone to Windows, make sure that your Window 10/8 PC and iPhone be connected the same WiFi network.

Step 2: Swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone screen to view the control center

Step 3: Click AirPlay and select your Windows PC as the target receiver.

Note: The AirPlay button will go red if Windows 8 AirPlay Apple TV is successfully enabled.

Chromecast from iPhone to Windows

Chromecast iPhone Gaining Credits

Release of Your iPhone during iPhone Casting

After Chromecast videos, etc. the iPhone is not used anymore for the duration, meaning no battery consumption. Chromecast will take over the stream from iPhone, thus, the content will not be streamed from provider to iPhone and then to TV. The iPhone just gives the Chromecast the address of the content for playing on TV.

Spotify App Now Supports Chromecast from iPhone

As predicted, Chromecast is really working on expanding its third-party app supporters in a way to take advantage of its open feature to catch up with Apple TV rapidly, providing more apps for Chromecast from iPhone –Spotify/Netflix/YouTube/HBO and so on.

Updated Chromcast iPhone/iPad App New Features Missing

When you apply your iPhone iOS9/8 as the Chromecast remote controller, you may as well find some disappointments. The new features Google promised in updated Chromecast app for iOS are not there even though Apple app store posts to be so. The two parties are both responsible for this lack, but surely, this update will be worked out soon as many iOS customers are complaining. This iPhone Chromecast app will work as the previous Chromecast generation always has, but without Content search, voice search, and the new 'What's on,' 'Devices' and 'Get Apps' options.

You can now transmit data files via Chromecast from iPhone/iPad, Android and computers to the receiver –HDTV. 5KPlayer, though unable to directly connect to Chromecast for data transmission, its built-in AirPlay function can be acted as the complementary of Chromecast –streaming from iPhone to computer, computers to computers, and computer to HDTV, which sets both computer and TV as the data receiver. More importantly, 5KPlayer makes 4K/8K streaming possible to level up the streaming quality to a new standard, surpassing both Apple TV 4 streaming from iPhone and iPhone to Chromecast.

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