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How to AirPlay iPhone 12 to Mac in 3 Steps?

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: October 14, 2020 | 3 MIn Read

Apple's AirPlay technology enables you to AirPlay iPhone 12 to Mac or Windows 10 with a free & 3rd-party AirPlay sender. This guide details on a how to use iPhone AirPlay to PC/Mac. Now that you have the latest iPhone 12 hand, learn the easiest way to enable iPhone 12 AirPlay to facilitate wireless video and music streaming? Let's get a closer pictures of the new iPhone 12 model and learn to use iPhone 12 AirPlay here and now!

AirPlay iPhone 12 Must-Have Tool

iPhone 12 AirPlay doesn't natively recognize Mac or PC as targets. However, with a freeware installed on computer, you can enable AirPlay on iPhone 12 iOS 14 to AirPlay MP4 MKV AVI. Install and launch 5KPlayer on Mac/Windows, and your iPhone 12 can detect it as the destination to send videos and music, saving you the trouble of USB syncing!

iPhone 7 AirPlay rumors

Part 2: AirPlay iPhone 7 to Mac and Recorded iPhone Screen: Videos, Games, etc.

Now that we have confirmed Apple chose not to switch its iPhone 7 screen from LCD to OLED, iPhone 7/7 Plus sticks to the 4.7-inch, 5.5-inch screen respectively, then sharing video without iPhone 7 AirPlay would ask you to huddle; Furthermore it's perhaps too early to expect for OLED from iPhone 7/7 Plus. Apple's screen manufacturer - JDI just announced their plan to put OLED screens into vast production in 2023. Then perhaps it's not iPhone 7 but 8 to be wraparound with OLED.

In this case, the easiest way to blow up your video is to AirPlay iPhone 7/7 Plus to Mac/Windows. Turn this computer you are using right now into an AirPlay receiver by installing 5KPlayer on Mac, so that you can enable AirPlay on iPhone 7. Once you connect iPhone 7/7 Plus and the computer to the same Wi-Fi, the built-in Bonjour protocol enables iPhone 7/7 Plus AirPlay (iPhone SE/6/6 Plus) and channels any videos, music to the computer, just like the process of AirPlay iPhone 6 to Mac with 5KPlayer.

Why Do We Choose 5KPlayer as iPhone 7 AirPlay Server?

AirPlay iPhone 7 iOS 10 to Mac

You'll need to install an AirPlay receiver for Mac/PC in order to AirPlay iPhone 7/7 Plus iOS 10 videos to Mac/PC.
The free 5KPlayer - AirPlay receiver and sender 2-in-1 is a pretty reliable piece of tool to rely on: It can stream MP4, MOV, M4V videos and wireless stream music from iPhone 7 by way of AirPlay iPhone 7/7 Plus iOS 10 to Windows 10 or Mac. Launch 5KPlayer after you connect iPhone and computer to the same Wi-Fi, then you can enable AirPlay on iPhone.

If you have doubts on which AirPlayer to choose, take a look at this review of 5KPlayer/X-Mirage/Airserver, it's not hard to find the free 5KPlayer equating paid alternates in terms of video AirPlay, music AirPlay and screen mirroring.

5KPlayer can not only team up with iPhone 7 AirPlay: You computer with it can also work as an AirPlay sender to TV, which means when you connect the laptop to TV wirelessly, 5KPlayer can reflect the video it is playing instantly to the Apple TV screen.

AirPlay iPhone 7 to Mac Hands-on Guide

Download to your PC or Mac this AirPlay receiver for iPhone 7/7 Plus, which helps install the Bonjour protocol to your computer so that it recognizes the streaming signals your iPhone sends to AirPlay iPhone 7 (Plus). When the installation is successful, double click the icon to launch it.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone 7/7 Plus iOS 10 and Mac to the same Wi-Fi to enable AirPlay on iPhone.

Tips and Notes:
- iPhone 7 AirPlay with 5KPlayer instantly replicates the video and audio of iPhone 7 to Windows (Mac). To switch video clips, you can directly start another video on iPhone.

Step 2: Swipe up the shortcut panel on iPhone 7/ 7Plus, choose:
AirPlay -> AirPlay destination -> Start
To activate iPhone 7/7 Plus AirPlay.

Tips and Notes:
- If you need to AirPlay iPhone 7/7 Plus whole screen to Mac (Windows), and record the screen movements, 5KPlayer can also help. Please refer to this screen mirroring iPhone 6s/6s Plus guide which also suits iPhone 7 fine. AirPlay iPhone 7/7 Plus is an exclusive feature to wirelessly stream videos.

Enable Screen Mirroring iPhone

How to Record iPhone 7 Plus Screen and Save?

5KPlayer features mirroring-based screen recording, making it possible to capture your iPhone 7 (Plus) movements and voices as well, is by far the first free overture provided.

Step 1: When mirroing is enabled, click the red icon on Mac/PC to begin screen recording iPhone 7 (Plus).

Step 2: The recorded video can be found in the "AirRecord" tab.

Record iPhone Screen

The above AirPlay iPhone 7 improvements remain to be updated. Currently 5 prototypes of the new iPhone 7/7 Plus are still under test, though attached with a slew of new designs: OLED screen, Li-Fi support, the ditched out headphone jack, and wireless charging, they may not all finally reach the iPhone 7/7 Plus handset. But one thing: If you are considering the iPhone 7/7 Plus level AirPlay, your AirPlay server should be up to 4K streaming. In this regard, the 5KPlayer is worth a try.

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