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How to AirPlay 5.1 Surround Sound via Apple TV 4/3/2?

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Authentic 7.1/5.1 surround sound effect and HD/4K image quality on big HDTV should never be parted when it comes to a private home cinema. And for music enthusiasts who prefer audio-only enjoyment, the 7.1/5.1 audio effect even matters more with their stereo system! However, much to our dismay, unlike its predecessors, Apple TV 4 has ruled out optical-audio port which not only outputs old analog stereo signals but also 5.1/7.1 surround sound using Toslink optical interface, replacing it with HDMI port only. Since many of us are using Apple TV for music/sound streaming, this move is going to nag a lot of Apple TV lovers and new buyers. Problem of how to AirPlay 5.1 surround sound via HDTV is now a fatal defect against all the selling points of Apple TV 4.

Get Your 100% Success Rate in AirPlay 5.1 Surround Sound Now

5KPlayer offers you 100% success rate in AirPlay 5.1 surround sound via Apple TV 4/3/2. It supports playback and AirPlay of 5.1 surround sound and up to 7.1 surround sound contained in AirPlay supported formats – MP4, MOV, M4V, and audio in MP3/AAC.

AirPlay 5.1 Surround Sound

Step 3: Choose the media file to start wireless 5.1 audio video AirPlay
* Open the media file in your local storage in 5KPlayer.

Step 4: Click the AirPlay button on the upper-right corner of 5KPlayer UI and start 5.1 surround sound AirPlay.
This best free AirPlay speaker also helps diagnose and troubleshoot AirPlay audio delay and enables users to solve other AirPlay not working problems independently.

AirPlay 5.1 Audio to Apple TV

5.1 surround sound AirPlay and 4K/8K video AirPlay are equally attended by 5KPlayer for your first-class home cinema build-up. It streams music from world's top music streaming services with 100% fidelity reserved for your great amplifers. What you can expect more from 5KPlayer is its superb high-res video rendering ability and powerful download function to free save Zootopia, Batman v Superman, Star Wars VII etc movie blockbusters to your local storage as a handy film source closet.

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