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How to Fix YouTube Error - By YouTube Error 404/501 Code

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 29, 2020

YouTube video an error occured again? Navigate the YouTube problems in this article by YouTube error code easily and find a quick fix. It's a hassle searching YouTube Help Center upside down only to figure out what the problem is. In this article YouTube Error 404/410/500/503, as well as YouTube login is required 1001 are clearly explained, followed by an easy-to-operate solution. Don't let the frequent YouTube playback error interrupt you, now troubleshoot at one stroke.

5. YouTube Error 503: Service Unavailable Error Fixed (On Android)/There Was a Problem with the Network

YouTube error and help tips
YouTube error 503 is another common server side error for Android-based YouTube APP users, it happens randomly to some devices while the others may be operating non-faulty. Not only YouTube, you could see error 503 in various forms especially on popular, high-traffic websites: When the number of visitors to YouTube exceeds its server load, you'll receive a message YouTube error 503.
[Solution]: To fix YouTube error 503:
1. Retry the YouTube URL by clicking Refresh/pressing F5.
2. Restart your router, and then your Android phone.
3. Contact YouTube directly for help. Chances are that YouTube already know about the 503 error but reporting an error directly on the page may get problems solved more effectively.
4. As is mentioned above, YouTube 503 error occurs because the server is overwhelmed by increased traffic, then it's not bad to just wait it out.

6. Youtube Download Error 1001 [Fixed]

As of downloading videos, you may run into YouTube error 1001 with the video downloader for Mac/Windows in use, where a message "YouTube login is required 1001" pops out, but error 1001 persists after you type in the user name and password. YouTube error 1001 attributes to a mixture of parsing, analyzing and downloading problem. When you leave a message on the forum for YouTube problem help, chances are that the administrater asks you to send a log report for analysis, which turns out not a good solution more often than not.
So what should you do when the "login is required 1001" message pops out again?

1. Free download a superfast video downloader - 5KPlayer. This is a full-fledged online video downloader that's not only capable of movies free download, but also Vimeo, Metacafe, Vevo and 300+ video sharing sites. The software can add subtitles to movies irrespective of format. After downloading, you can watch movies without any YouTube error on Mac/Windows. Read on to learn how to free download movies!
2. If you'd stick to the current downloader, check out this YouTube error FAQ solution.

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