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How to Solve YouTube 4K Video Playback Problems

Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 24, 2020

Youtube problems are what we have oftentimes, and since YouTube supports 4K-resolution videos, the corresponding YouTube 4K video problems arise successively. What are those YouTube 4K problems and how to solve them are now the major concerns of us all.

How to Cope with YouTube 4K Video Issues

Solve YouTube 4K Video Problems

The hardware accelerated 5KPlayer will show you how to think bigger than 1080p, as it is an efficient 4K video downloader which also supports YouTube 4K video display and even YouTube 4K streaming. This brand-new star will lighten your way through those YouTube 4K playback troubles and darkness.

YouTube 4K Video Common Problems

*YouTube 4K UHD videos totally unwatchable;
*YouTube 4K video choppy in Chrome;
*YouTube 4K content lags with Chrome;
*YouTube 4K streaming is not smooth.
Then, how to Address YouTube 4K 2160p Video Problems One by One?

YouTube 4K 2160p Problem with Computer Spec.

Q-When played, the YouTube 4K UHD videos are unwatchable, skipping second after second, no matter in safari/IE/Firefox or Chrome.
A: "You'd better check your display card in this case. Make sure that the video memory of your display card is at least 2G for the basic YouTube 4K display; besides, the well coordination of your CPU and internal storage also really matters.You may also take a look at this YouTube error (fixed) list."

YouTube 4K 2160p Problem with Chrome

Q- YouTube 4K 2160p videos always get choppy playbacks in Chrome version 39 in 64bits on iMac using Maverick or on a Windows 8.1 PC.
Q- "YouTube 4K UHD content lags so bad in Chrome 32 bit and looks like a PowerPoint presentation, 64 bit chrome has a lot less lag but it's still noticeable."
A1: "In this situation, you can resort to other browsers like IE to solve this YouTube 4K 2160p video problem in Chrome. Without inbuilt flash, IE is forced to use HTML. On Windows 8 and above, it plays YouTube 4K resolution videos through HTML5 very smoothly. Chrome, on the contrary, with built-in flash, can often result in choppy and lagging playback as it uses flash most of the time."
A2: "Or, you can download 4K Ultra HD videos for no-network enjoyment through 5KPlayer which supports 4K UHD video download and YouTube 4K playback."

YouTube 4K 2160p Problem with YouTube 4K Streaming

Q- Every 3 sec, the YouTube 2160p video become a bit slow and become normal speed and again become slow, even if i paused to reduce buffering problem or after completing redline of streaming. The 4K video on YouTube is not smooth.
A: "A YouTube 4K file can be very large; hence it is strongly recommended that you download the 4K UHD video for better enjoyment, unless you’re very proud of your magnificent network speed and computer performance (display card, CPU and memory). The cost free 5KPlayer is a great tool to employ, since it supports 4K UHD video free download, YouTube 4K resolution display and even YouTube video 4K streaming. It helps you download 4K videos within 20sec, less than the time it takes for waiting buffering."

Obviously, 5KPlayer provides the simplest and once for all solution to all the above YouTube 4K video problems by directly downloading the 4K files, avoiding other unnecessary interferences from spoiling your appreciation, and all you need to do next is to lean back and enjoy the show.

5KPlayer is a great 4K video downloader that can smoothly download and play any YouTube 4K videos of any format seamlessly with no hiccups, no lags, no crashes and 100% quality reserved. It also offers a wide range of online websites to free download 4K Ultra HD videos, including VEVO, Vimeo, Facebook and the like and provides the best YouTube 4K video playback quality ever; better still, the AirPlay-enabled 5KPlayer can also allow your PC/Mac to receive YouTube 4K video streams from iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac as a great AirPlay receiver, and send streams to Apple-TV as an YouTube 4K AirPlay sender to get larger screen enjoyment.

How to Download 4K Ultra HD Videos?

Follow the few simple steps and make the best of the omnipotent 2160p 4K video downloader -5KPlayer.

Step 1. Download and install the 4K video downloader -5KPlayer.

Step 2. Enter in the YouTube 4K channels.

Step 3. Get the link of a YouTube 4K video.

Step 4. Copy and paste the YouTube 4K video link into 5KPlayer analyze box.

Step 5. Click the analyze button and wait for the 2160p YouTube video to be analyzed.

Step 6. Click "Download" button on the videostrip to download the YouTube 4K Ultra HD video.

Solve YouTube 4K Video Problems with 5KPlayer

Without doubt, downloading 2160p Ultra HD videos is way smoother than watching them online, and this is where 5KPlayer is good at. With this YouTube 4K video downloader, users can directly and freely download 4K movies to make their own files like teaching materials and parodies, bypassing most obstacles on the way of video editing like adding subtitles, converting formats, looping videos, editing synchronization, editing soundtracks, etc.

Tips on How to Upload 4K Videos to YouTube

If you want to share on YouTube your self-made 4K videos, 2160p family movies and parodies, you’d better get to know some uploading rules set by YouTube and get a proper YouTube 4K video converter.
1: File size: make sure that the size of your 4K file for YouTube uploading is within 2 gigabytes.
2: File length: make certain that the length of the 4K videos for YouTube uploading is no longer than 15 minutes.
3: File format: make your 4K videos in YouTube supported formats: MP4, FLV, AVI, MOV, MKV, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, SWF, etc.
4: Bitrate: it’s worth noticing that the maximum YouTube 4K bitrate is 45Mbps, which won’t work smoothly with 60fps 4K video.
So, you'd better reset frame rate of your YouTube 4K video within 45fps or downsize it to 1080p.
Note: you can make use of the YouTube 4K video converter to compre ss the file size within 2 gigabytes, adjust file formats and bitrate, as well as trim, crop or split the video longer than 15 minutes into smaller sections to fit in the rules with the help of a YouTube 4K video converter.

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