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Free Download H.264 Player to Play H.264/H.265 4K

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

"It is strange that I'm able to play H.264 via RMTP, but I can't open the local H.264 encoded file with a standard media player, and even if I played the file successfully, there is only images, no audio!" A user posted this concern on "9ria" forum and hopes to get a solution. To open an H.264 encoded MP4 video, or MKV video, obviously needs a powerful H.264 player with H.264 codec built in. Read on to get the idea of H.264 player free download and how to play HD H.264 files.

Free Easiest Way to Play H.264 AVC HD 4K Video on Computer

5KPlayer is the first H.264 player you'd choose or the one you'd come eventually to hep playing all your HD/UHD MP4 4K 360-degree videos for it is the best free H.264 video player to decode the vast majority of video codec including H.264 codec, H.265 codec, Xvid codec, etc.

Best Free H.264 Video Player

Step 3: Launch this H.264 player on your computer by simply clicking the icon. You have following ways to load your H.264 file for playing.

* Drag & drop a H.264 file to the main window;
* Click "Video" to add H.264 video for playback;
* Right click on target H.264 file, and navigate to "Open with -> 5KPlayer" option.

Play H.264 File

Last time I checked, this H.264 player is not only a video music player to decode H.264 codec and H.265, MKV, AVI ect. It is also able to download MKV, AVI and those HD videos from online video sites. Another cool feature of this fascinating H.264/AVC player is also excellent DLNA player to stream your video and music from one device to another. Free download this H.264 player and get your H.264 file played easily!

Further Reading:

H.264 has obvious advantage when comparing H.264 to MPEG4, it has higher compressing rate which means it can store more data than MPEG4 on the same hard disk. And as a successor to H.264/AVC, H.265 is said to have two times the data compression ratio compared to H.264 at the same level of video quality. So speaking of H.265 vs. H.264, H.265 simply surpasses H.264 in general. But the good thing is that as an H.264 player freeware, 5KPlayer can easily play H.265, MPEG4 as well.

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