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Netflix APP for Macbook Air/Pro/iMac Ultimate Guide

Searching for a standalone Netflix Mac APP? You're in the right place! This guide helps you easily watch Netflix movies on Macbook Pro/Air (OS X 10.11.4 and before compatible). Scroll down to find where to download Netflix for MacOS Sierra/X.
For your binge-watching, we provide a list of Netflix 3D movies and Netflix 4K movie list which you might be interested in once you successfully set up Netflix for Mac computer.

3rd party netflix app

Where to Download Netflix Mac APP?

Bet you have Googled for Netflix APP for Mac computer, but failed to find the results in any of the result page? Well, if you haven't yet, save the efforts:

Because first, you'll find Netflix Mac APP in iTunes Store only works for iOS (8.0 or newer);
second, www.netflix.com doesn't offer a Mac version for you to download, neither;
third, even if you visit the APP Store on Mac, only a list of non-authentic Netflix APPs will be listed out there.

So where's the Mac APP? Well, truth is that rather than developing a standalone desktop Netflix Mac APP like they do for Windows 8/10, the company serves Mac users to watch Netlix movie/TV shows directly through web browsers like Safari, Firefox or Chrome (plug-in required).

Your easiest way out is to direcly download a best free alternative to Netflix APP for Mac here!

Want a closer look? Sure, if you'd like to replace the Netflix App for Mac, here're 3 ways to watch Netflix movies on Mac. You can:

Watch Netflix on Macbook Air/Pro in A Web Browser

Get a Free Alternative to Netflix APP for Mac

Pay $2.99~$6.99 Extra for 3rd Party APP to Access Netflix for Mac

No. 1 Without Netflix Mac APP, You Can Just Watch Netflix in a Web Browser

Pay attention that not every browser can open Netflix for Mac.

First, if your 2016 Macbook Pro/Air is running Mac OS X El Captain or Yosemite, Netflix movie streaming is directly available in its native browser - Safari (latest version) - with the built-in settings for Html5 video.
Second, should you be running Mountain Lion or earlier, follow the official instructions from netflix.com which describes how you can install a plug-in called Silverlight in order to watch.

Notes: Should the Netflix plug-in Silverlight for Mac fails to download, you may also access it through Microsoft Silverlight website at https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight/Get-Started/Install/Default.aspx.
Pros: No extra cost.
Cons: Safari on Mac streams most of Netflix movies just fine. But if Netflix 4K Movies or Netflix 3D movies is also your cup of tea, then think twice. Just like Amazon Prime Video, they doesn't make 4K content available on Netflix for Mac (or PC).
But is there still a way to watch Netflix 4K on Mac without hiccups? You can go by the No.2 method - a free alternative to Netflix for Mac.

No.2 Free Alternative to Netflix APP for Mac

This is not exaggerating, but 5KPlayer for Mac - a free 4K video player and downloader - supports not only Netflix 4K content, it also configures H.265 codec to render 4K streaming smoothly. It's a second-to-non choice if you need a Mac-based Netflix client that combines movie download and playback 2-in-1.

So take a look at what 5KPlayer can do:

Easily play Netflix 4K movies and 3D movies;
       Also rises as one of best VR video players now that Netflix has announced their VR plan.
Connect your Netflix APP on iPhone to Mac via AirPlay Mirroring:
       Send whatever movies streaming on your iPhone/iPad to Mac instantly with AirPlay technology (Wi-Fi required) ->> See how to mirror Netflix APP to Mac
Download Netflix movies on Mac superfast:
       Get URL to a Netflix movie playing on Mac, 5KPlayer parses the address and downloads it in original quality. ->>See how to download movies to Mac
Create Netflix movies play list on Mac:
       Organize all Netflix movie titles you like on Mac into a play list.
Connect HDTV so you can Watch Netflix 4K on TV.

What makes 5KPlayer better than other media players to stream Netflix movies/TV shows? Well, by configuring latest HD video codecs including H.264/H.265/MKV/VP8/VP9, 5KPlayer jumps all the way high to be a the best free iMac 8K player, let alone downloading high-res videos on Macbook Pro/Air.

 Get yourself the Mac version of 5KPlayer first, let's cut straight to see how this free alternative to Netflix APP for Mac can download and play a 4K Captain America 3: Civil War Trailer.

Netflix APP for Mac Alternative:Download Captain America 3

Download, install and launch 5KPlayer for Mac , the best free Netflix APP for Mac alternative before you can download Captain America 3 Civil War to watch.

Free download Civil War Captain America 3 MP4 1080p from YouTube

Step 1: Find Captain America 3: Civil War movie trailer in YouTube, cut the URL.

Step 2: Click the YouTube button on 5KPlayer, tap "paste and analyze" box. Remember to choose preferred format and resolution before tapping the download button.

Free Download Captain America 3 Civil War

Watch Captain America 3 Civil War Full Movie on TV

Step 1: With 5KPlayer finished downloading the Marvel movies, you can directly watch this 4K movie with the free alternative to Netflix APP for Mac.

Step 2: In the main interface hit video - where you can open your own Netflix video library, choose the 4K video clip you just downloaded, then just kick out and relax on Macbook Pro/Air.

Download Civil War Captain America 3: Successful

Pros: No plug-in required (which is a must if you don't have either 5KPlayer or the latest version of Mac OS X)
Remote control available: with Netflix installed in iPhone, you're free to start/resume where you left/switch movie titles without being tethered to the Mac's range.
Money-saving: Netflix charges on device at $7.99 and $9.99 for 1 device and 2 devices respectively, but with 5KPlayer installed, you only pay for the least.
Cons: Movies may stop when receiving phone calls when you connect iPhone

3rd party netflix app

Pay $2.99~$6.99: 3rd Party APP to Access Netflix APP for Mac

As you may already found in the Mac APP Store, a slew of unofficial Netflix APP client for Mac obtain themselves quite a few downloads selling from $2.99 to $6.99. These are APPs transmitting your original Netflix subscription content into a Mac desktop APP. But some users may find this method hiccupping quite often. Streaming via APP Flix, or even the top-rated FlixMaster won't go as smooth as the authentic service on Mac computer. So if you can just do without an APP, Safari-based Netflix for Mac will suit fine.

Pros: Rendering APP-based Netflix for Mac experience.
Cons: Cost extra. Incompatibility issues may occur, taking you some time to check out       this tutorial on Netflix won't play [solved].

Ok, that's all for my recommendations. Now that we don't have a standalone Netflix desktop APP for Mac, it goes up to you to choose: a plugin for browser will suit fine if you don't need Netflix 4K content, and there're plenty of 3rd party Netflix APP for Mac client.

But to get all functions you need at one stroke, it's still the all-round alternative to Netflix for Mac - 5KPlayer!

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