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Top 5 DLNA Compliant Players for DLNA Streaming to/from PC

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Commonly, DLNA technology is used from Android to smart TV to enjoy on-the-go videos on big screen. But, with a DLNA certified player Windows/Mac, you are allowed to DLNA media from Android/iPhone to computer and DLNA streaming video music from PC/Mac to smart TV.

Best DLNA Compliant Player Windows 10/8/7/Mac Free Download

From DearMob, 5KPlayer now is a qualified DLNA player to help vast number of DLNA devices talk to each other. For example, Android/iPhone can DLNA streaming videos music to PC/Mac, what is shown on computer can be displayed on a smart TV through 5KPlayer, and mobile handset or TV can remote control the computer and share its media library.

DLNA Certified Player

Wiki: What Is DLNA?

Like AirPlay, DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) is developed to connect multimedia devices and promote digital media sharing, but DLNA is much more popular than Apple AirPlay as there are about four billion devices is DLNA-compliant: computer, smart TV, game console and speaker, to name a few. That is to say, you will have countless resources to enjoy if you can successfully make these devices communicate with each other. And DLNA player software or DLNA app is the key that opens the door of DLNA technology and helps DLNA streaming videos music among DLNA-compatible devices.

How to DLNA Streaming Videos Music Among Devices via 5KPlayer?

5KPlayer provides with three types of DLNA streaming to enable media sharing among devices, just follow this step-by-step guide to grasp how to DLNA media files. But, make sure that you have free downloaded, install and launch this DLNA-enabled player on your computer.

Stream Android/iPhone to PC

Step 1. Connect your Android or iPhone handset and computer with 5KPlayer installed to same WiFi network.

Step 2. Download a video or music player app on your mobile device that is DLNA compatible if you don't have one.

Step 3. Play your media on your mobile device with the app, and you will see the DLNA option within the app for you to choose which DLNA client to stream to.

Step 4. Just choose 5KPlayer, and this DLNA player will play the media from phone on computer instantly.

DLNA Streaming

DLNA Video Music from PC to Smart TV

Step 1. Connect your computer and smart TV into the same WiFi network.
Step 2. Click the Library on UI of 5KPlayer to access DLNA streaming hub and search for your TV to connect.
Step 3. Play a video or music via 5KPlayer and then this DLNA player will send what is being played on computer to big screen TV.

Access 5KPlayer Media Library on Phone or Smart TV

When all the devices are under the same WiFi network, you are also able to access 5KPlayer media library from mobile phone or TV using the remote-control gadget.

DLNA certified Player

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