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Best Free DLNA Player Mac Download to DLNA Mac

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

It seems to be a pipe-dream to stream Android to Mac and DLNA Mac to Android smart TV, as Apple Mac only allows media streams natively through Apple-certified protocol AirPlay. Though Apple products pride themselves on being safe due to the closed system, the restriction also offers much inconvenience indeed especially for sharing media streams with other systems like Windows and Android. So, DLNA player Mac is the key to open the door to let Mac interoperate with other non-AirPlay but DLNA-capable devices and allow you to send or receive media files wirelessly and freely.

Best DLNA Media Player Mac Windows Free Download

5KPlayer, a free DLNA player for Mac and Windows, is capable of turning your Mac PC into a DLNA player, DLNA controller and DLNA server. Thus, you can stream Android to Mac/Windows, DLNA Mac/PC to smart TV or other DLNA-certified devices like PS 3/4, Xbox One/360, speakers, etc, and access Mac contents on other platforms over the air easily.

DLNA Player Mac

The first reason to choose a DLNA/UPnP player Mac for DLNA streaming is because Apple AirPlay protocol is limited in supported media formats, which will avoid you of streaming various sources from or to Mac. More specifically, Apple AirPlay only support MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3 and AAC streams, while DLNA player Mac allows you to both stream Android MKV AVC Webm 3GP VP8/VP9 AAC etc to Mac, and beam H.264/MP4 MP3 AAC from Mac to DLNA-compliant devices. The second reason to choose a DLNA media player Mac is that AirPlay is only useful among Apple-proved products, while DLNA enables the interactivity among billions of DLNA devices including Android phones, smart TV, PlayStation 3/4, Xbox One/360, DLNA-enabled speakers, to just name of few.

Therefore, in version 5.0.0, 5KPlayer adds the DLNA function to Mac to redefine itself as the best DLNA complaint player for Windows and Mac, thus allowing for all-round DLNA streaming service among numerous platforms. DLNA player Mac is the key to open the door and make communication between Mac and Android devices available to go.

First praised as a DLNA player or renderer, 5KPlayer Mac receives what you send from Android or other DLNA servers instantly and display as perfect as the original. If you want to stream video music from Mac to Samsung/LG/Sony smart TV, PS4, Xbox, etc, UPnP player Mac 5KPlayer can change itself into a DLNA controller to help realize that.

How to DLNA Mac with DLNA Player Mac 5KPlayer?

If the rubbish performance of AirPlay has put you into endless headache when streaming media files of different kinds, DLNA media player Mac 5KPlayer is here to act as a bridge to connect your Mac to iPhone, Android, smart TV, DLNA speakers and so on to support limitless video music streaming wirelessly.

How to Stream Android to Mac?

Step 1. Free download this DLNA player Mac, install and launch it on your Mac computer. Then, connect your Android phone and computer to the same network.

Step 2. After launching 5KPlayer, you should click on "DLNA/AirPlay" icon on the main UI of it to preset the settings of DLNA function. Turn on all the DLNA services and rename your Mac or device name to for easy finding.

Step 3. Play your video or song with the DLNA-enabled app on Android, and you will see the DLNA option within the app for you to choose which client to stream to.

Step 4. Choose 5KPlayer on your phone, and this DLNA media player Mac will play the media file from phone to Mac immediately.

Stream Android to Mac

How to DLNA Mac to Smart TV or DLNA Devices?

Step 1. Now that you have downloaded 5KPlayer on Mac, the thing you should remember is to connect your computer and smart TV/DLNA devices to the same network.

Step 2. Click on Library on the main UI of 5KPlayer and then click on DLNA server to enter DLNA streaming center, where you could add files or folders to this DLNA player Mac for streaming from Mac to kinds of DLNA-supported devices.

Step 3. After adding media files, you can go to "DLNA Share" under DLNA Server to see media files you want to play. Here, if your video is not suitable for DLNA streaming, this DLNA/UPnP player Mac will help convert it to DLNA-supported format.

Step 4. Just choose one media file to play, click on the DLNA icon on the top right corner of 5KPlayer and 5KPlayer will instantly send the media to smart TV or DLNA device you selected.

DLNA Mac to Smart TV

If you do not want to be restricted to AirPlay for wireless video music streaming, it is highly suggested that you try DLNA player Mac 5KPlayer to make your Mac computer DLNA-compatible. No limit in media formats and no limit in devices, you can share what you want to share between Mac and other thousands of devices. Better still, with this DLNA media player, you can even play media files on Windows PC streamed from iPhone with DLNA app for iPhone.

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