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Top 5 DLNA Streaming Apps for iPhone to DLNA iPhone

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

"Where's the DLNA first party support @Apple? Do I have to wait for a few more iPhone generations?" – Twitter user

How to make iPhone DLNA-supported? That would not be a question anymore if you find the best DLNA app for iPhone here. Like iOS AirPlay streaming iPhone to Apple TV, DLNA app iPhone also has the competence to turn your iPhone into a DLNA controller or renderer to allow wireless DLNA media share on iPhone to smart TV or other DLNA-certified devices over the air. To save your time, we have gathered top 5 best DLNA streaming apps for iPhone for you to choose from to stream video music from iPhone to bigger screen.

How to DLNA iPhone to PC/Mac and PC/Mac to DLNA-certified Devices?

Best DLNA app for iPhone lets iPhone talk to DLNA smart TV more easily, and thus 5KPlayer adds a new way for iPhone users to realize video music streaming from DLNA app iOS iPhone plus Android to computer and DLNA computer media library to smart TV with mind of ease.

DLNA App for iPhone

5 Best DLNA Apps for iPhone Free Download on App Store


No.1 AllConnect DLNA iOS App for iPhone

AllCast DLNA app for iPhone plays your iPhone media smoothly and cast your favorite movies, music and photos to big screen easily like any other normal DLNA iOS apps. The shining feature of AllConnect is that it supports most online media site like YouTube, Vimeo, TED, Facebook and Dropbox, and allows tapping Stream Now to DLNA streaming any video music on these media sites to the connected devices. Besides, this iPhone DLNA app supports all other casting technologies including AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast, etc, it's no wonder it can gain over 3 million users.


No.2 AirWire DLNA App for iPhone

As of now, AirWire has been tested to be compatible with DLNA players, smart TVs, music receivers from popular TV and HiFi brands. So, you have many choices to DLNA iPhone contents to. For example, listen to music, watch favorite movies, TV series, photos, etc. on a large screen with better visuals.


No.3 AllCast DLNA App for iPhone

Well-known as a DLNA app for Android, AllCast also acts as one of the best DLNA apps for iPhone to allow you to DLNA stream iPhone photos, videos and music to smart TV and any other DLNA renderer. At iPhone end, any local content or material from cloud providers like Dropbox, Google+ and Google Drive can be accessed by AllCast. On big screen end, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic can receive the DLNA streaming from DLNA app iPhone AllCast.


No.4 iMediaShare for DLNA iPhone iPad

Though it is not that adaptable to all DLNA-compatible devices, iMediaShare is the best DLNA app for iPhone I use as of today. In no surprise, it DLNA streams iPhone iPad photos, videos, music to connected smart TV or audio system around without choke. If you have collected any precious video movie source, you can share with your friends or families by sending the media to their devices over WiFi. As long as there are DLNA media servers in the same network, iMediaShare can discover them automatically and choose the media files from certain server to play or stream to DLNA-certified devices.

How to DLNA iPhone Video Music to PC/Mac and Smart TV?

Choose a DLNA app for iPhone you like most first to install on your iPhone, and then start your journey to DLNA streaming iPhone video music to PC/Mac, smart TV and other DLNA-certified devices. Worth mentioning, DLNA iPhone to PC/Mac needs 5KPlayer's help as your computer needs 5KPlayer to turn it into a DLNA renderer.

DLNA iPhone Video Music to PC/Mac

Step 1. First free download DLNA streaming software 5KPlayer on your Windows PC/Mac, install and launch it.

Step 2. Connect your computer and iPhone to the same network.

Step 3. Launch the best DLNA app for iPhone you have launched, search for the name of your computer to connect the iPhone DLNA app to 5KPlayer and then play your media files. 5KPlayer will instantly receive what's sent from your iPhone handset and show the DLNA streaming smoothly.

DLNA Streaming iPhone to Smart TV/DLNA Devices

Just find the media to play in the certain DLNA app for iPhone and find your TV to display. Same as this way, DLNA streaming iPhone to other DLNA-certifed devices is quite easy.

DLNA Streaming iPhone

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