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How to Sync Audio And Video Ultimate Guide

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Audio and video out of sync is no rare thing if you play 4K HD videos with an aged computer. In most cases it's audio delay from video, only a few subtitle delay [VLC] in A-V sync. This guide tackles how to sync audio and video on Mac/PC as well as YouTube video out of sync respectively. Tried and true even for Mac and Windows with 2GB-RAM.

How To Sync Audio And Video And Save It For Good?

It's extremely uncomfortable to watch a movie suffering audio and video out of sync. A best free sync software can tackle audio delay, subtitle delay [VLC] with keyboard shortcuts. Now sync up all 4K HD movies with 5KPlayer!

Audio and Video out of sync

How to Sync Audio and Video with 5KPlayer on Mac/PC?

Step 1: Download, install and run this best free sync software for Mac/PC

Step 2: Start to play MP4 AVI MKV videos, if audio and video goes out of sync, right click on playback area.

Step 3: Adjust audio video sync according to specific audio delay, you don't need to manually save the adjustment.

Step 5: After the 3 steps, audio and video will go back to normal.

How to synd audio and video

As a free sync software for MKV AVI MP4 videos, 5KPlayer is adepting in tackling multi-media problems like 4K downloader error, Netflix won't play, HBO Go streaming to Apple TV problems once and for all. If you are into more professional video editing tricks, please refer to how to edit videos with 5KPlayer.

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