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How to Solve Audio Delay Problem in VLC Media Player

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: July 23, 2020

Many users have been undertaking the same VLC audio delay pain when using VLC media player to play videos, the symptom is the audio does not always sync with the video playback. Audio delays now and often and AV-sync error can be a very serious issue for this is causing very unpleasant experience for all the VLC users. But every problem has its cure, now let's use the following ways to solve the problem of VLC audio delay.

Can't Solve VLC Audio Delay? Try VLC Alternative to Play Videos

5KPlayer is as of now the best VLC alternative that not only solves the problem of audio delay in VLC but also provides you a more pleasant experience of playing Ultra HD 4K movies, TV shows, etc. so as to maintain the effectiveness of the programs for the viewers. No video audio out sync error, 5KPlayer assures you a very smooth playback.

VLC Alternative

Play HD Video and Solve Audio Delay with 5KPlayer

Step 1: Free Download 5KPlayer on your Mac/PC, install and then launch it.

Step 2: Load your video for playing.

5KPlayer can easily load videos and audio with no glitch for it supports 160+ video formats and 80+ audio formats. You have several ways to play a video: simply drag and drop the desired video to 5KPlayer, click on Video icon on the main UI to choose a video to open, or right-click the file you want to play and choose open with 5KPlayer. Then, 5KPlayer will quickly decode and play it smoothly.

Fix VLC Audio Delay

Step 3: Fix VLC Audio delay problem.

If the audio is out of sync, right click on the playing window and a list of preference setting will appear. Choose "Sychronization".

Step 4: Sync audio video by milliseconds.

To fix audio and video out of sync, you can either use the slider below the Audio/Video or increment and decrement by hitting the up and down arrow.

Note: Pressing the RESET button will take it back to default.

Solve VLC Audio Delay

5KPalyer is a media player player not only solves VLC audio delay but also can solve other VLC not working problem such as " VLC HEVC/H.265 4K playback error", "VLC not work on Catalina", " VLC not playing DVD", etc. As the best solution to fix the audio out of sync in VLC, surely 5KPlayer can be the best replacement to solve the audio delay problem in other media players as well. Besides playing DVD and videos, 5KPlayer is also able to download videos in MKV, MP4, AVI, etc. from over 300 online video sites including YouTube, Vine and Vevo. What's more, it supports streaming video audio wirelessly from a device to another via its coolest feature of DLNA (from Mac to PC, Mac to Mac, PC to Mac, Mac/PC to TV, etc.).

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