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How to Get 4K HD 360 VR Videos Downloaded Free from VR Video Sites

"Where can I find high quality VR video to download?" and how to free download unlimited VR 360 videos? Follow this article to get a list of quality VR video sites carefully selected by us together with a detailed hands-on VR-video-download tutorial.

Best & Fastest 4K VR 360 Video Downloader

Free Download VR 360 Videos

5KPlayer is your turnkey solution to free download 4K HD 360 VR videos to local storage/iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows phones.

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How to Watch 360 Degree VR Videos

There are mainly 3 ways to watch a 360 VR video:

1. You can explore YouTube's VR content directly from your computer without any head-mounted gear to watch 360 videos, even from your PC browser like Google Chrome.
2. Or, you can try exploring YouTube's 360 clips through your mobile device via YouTube APP only, click here to learn how to watch VR video iPhone. Here, if you really want to experience the visuals up to a new level, Google Cardboard – announced on Google I/O, would be a great and cheap tool for your phones.
3. Buy a Samsung VR Gear, or Oculus Rift, or Merge VR headset.

When viewing 360 video content through a browser on desktop, it may feel quite wonky by click-and-drag with your mouse. There are 2 other ways to look around: 1) Click the arrows in the navigation circle in the top-left corner, 2) use keys on keyboard (W: up; A: left; S: down; D: right).

When viewing 360 videos via phones/tablets, you can "look around" by physically moving your phone or tablet around or spin around in all directions.
P.S this requires a gyroscope sensor in your phone. Phones like Moto G 2013 and Huawei Y550 do not have it. So, for those phones, you may have to move your finger to aim your gaze.

To watch 360 videos with Google Cardboard, VR Gear, Oculus Rift, or Merge VR headset, you can truely experience the immensive 360 VR video effect and get overwhelmed.

Where to Find High Quality 4K/1080P HD 360 VR Videos to Download Free?

Since the high-res VR videos online streaming can heavy network loads and result in annoying buffering. To avoid those internet disruptions that may ruin your 4K 1440p HD 360 VR vids enjoyment, you can download the videos from many online websites to watch and play offline. So now comes the question, where to find the high quality 4K HD VR videos to download? Here are the top 4K HD 360 VR video tube sites list:

youtube logoYouTube ddDiscoveryvr ddVRideo ddVrfavs
ddLittlstar ddWAVRP ddJauntVR dd360s TV

Discoveryvr is a well arranged VR video site that displays VR videos for sightseeing/adventure/wildlife, VR videos for mythbusters, VR videos for racing extinction/puppies etc.
Vrfavs features bookmarks for VR related sites and products.
Further Reading: What is VR 3D? - 5 Things You should know.

HD 360 VR video downloader - 5KPlayer trailblazer highlights:
*Free download YouTube VR videos and other videos on over 300 online websites;
*Guarantee 100% download rate on StupidVideos without registration and restrictions;
*Free download and play up to 4K/8K VR 360 videos without hiccups;
*Help free edit your VR videos for uploading on StupidVideos website.

So here, we recommend you to download this VR 360 video downloader to go on with the following step-by-step VR video download guide and in the meantime saving you from the trouble of searching for a VR video player. This VR 360 video downloader + 360 video player is right under your nose.

How to Free Download 4K HD 360 VR Videos with 5KPlayer

a. Get Prepared:
1. Download, install and run this free VR video downloader - 5KPlayer

2. Click the YouTube button on the main interface to go to the download UI.

You'll see a paste and analysis box provided for video URL.

b. Extract the URL from VR video sites:

1. Open VR video websites like YouTube to find a 4K HD 360 VR video to download.

2. Click to play the VR video to make sure that's the very one you want to download.

3. Copy the URL of the HD VR video.

VR video downloader 5KPlayer UI

c. Start Free Downloading VR Vid from YouTube
1. Paste the link into the analysis box of the free VR video downloader for analysis.

A videostrip with a thumbnail, a setting button, media info and a download button will then show up below the analysis box for you to free download the 360 VR video.

2. Click the download button to free download VR 360 video.

Note: In case that the VR videos downloaded from YouTube are shot in portrait mode and you want to watch it in landscape mode, 5KPlayer also enables you to loop the video anytime you want during playback.

Click to Free Download VR 360 Video

Upon the completion of download, you can play the VR videos with 5KPlayer – one of the best VR video players to playback downloaded 360 VR videos, or you can convert the file into MP4 format and transfer to iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows phone and then use Google cardboard for more immersive viewing. Free download 5KPlayer now!

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