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Written by Kaylee Wood | Last updated: April 27, 2020

When you type VR trailer in the search boxes, there are over 62,9000,000 results in Google, 3,290,000 results in Bing and 1,310,000 3D VR movie video trailers. From The Jungle Book 3D movie VR trailer to Resident Evil 7 VR game trailer and 2016 NBA All-Star Game 360-degree Reply to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 3D VR Backstage, VR (Virtual Reality) technology, as a rising star, is surely ready to immerse into every aspect of our lives. So, if you want to get the touching and vivid experience that VR brings, you can free download VR trailer of a movie, game, TV show and any other 360 degree videos 3D VR movies listed here or from online VR video sites to enjoy.

[Warning] YouTube music & copyright-protected contents are not supported for download.

Download VR Trailer

Best Free VR Trailer 360° Video Movie Download Tool

5KPlayer, a professional VR video download software, will help you free download VR trailer, 3D VR movie clips, 360 degree videos, etc from various VR tubes like 360s TV, JauntVR, etc and convert to iPhone/Android/VR player supported formats in a click.

BTW, 5KPlayer now is also a professional 360° VR video player.

To help you fully understand what is VR and get 100% enjoyful experience from VR trailer videos, we would like to give you various 360 degree trailers videos applied in different situations, a list of VR videos sites where you can get vast VR trailer movie sources, and finally a specific way to how to download and watch 360 degree trailer 3D VR videos movies on 360° VR players and VR headsets like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR headset, etc.

Part 1. List of VR Trailer 360 Degree Videos Download Worthwhile

Fashion Show - Victoria's Secret 2016 Show Backstage VR 360°

Enjoy the VR 360° video from Victoria's Secret 2016 Fashion Show exclusive! You can watch the sexy VS Angels get their hair and make-up done, and get complete look at what it is like to be backstage at the hottest show of the year. VR gives you intuitive feeling about what is happening behind the scene.

Movie - Pete's Dragon 360 Degree VR Experience

After 2016 Disney movie Pete's Dragon hits theater, there are Pete's Dragon 360 degree VR trailer videos poping up. Through them, you can have the same feelings as Pete has like experience flying on Dragon Elliott. VR truly makes the 3D film more touching and real, and will surely help movie industry get to next stage.

Sports - 2016 NBA All-Star Game 360-degree Reply

Let's play ball! Intel's freeD technology helps capture every detail of 2016 NBA All-Star game that you can explore the full interactive video by switching camera locations through the VR trailer videos. The success of the VR tech applied to NBA game gives Intel confidence to debut new 360° reply in MLB All-Star Week.

Games – Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission

Sony PlayStation VR game trailer Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission is all-new mission related to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and will immerse players in the cockpit of an X-wing to carry out an important mission for the Rebellion. Through VR, you can freely play as some of the most memorable characters in Star Wars and other classic films as well.

Part 2. Top VR Video Sites to Download VR Trailer 360° Videos

YouTube.com Jaunt.com 360heros.com LittleStar.com VideoBlocks.com facebook360.fb.com
Discoveryvr.com Vrideo.com Wavrp.com 360s.tv dailymotion.com airpano.com

3. Watch VR Trailer Video on iOS/Android Mobile

Now "see and hear things all around you" VR experience is also available on mobile phone as iPhone iOS and Android are shipped with VR player app. Just download the Winthin VR app for iOS iPhone or Android ->> then download individual VR trailer 360° videos ->> after hitting play, move the mobile phone around to get a "magic window" revealing the scene. Please remember to wear your headphones for realistic, stereo sound.

Play 360 Degree VR Videos on iPhone

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