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Free Download Top 3 Best 8K Video Players for Both Mac and PC

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

4K video playback has not yet become a standard, 8K videos with resolution up to 7680 X 4320 have been witnessed by all of us already. However, not every video player is qualified to play 8K videos, to play such ultra high definition and ultra high quality videos require not only high performance PC or Mac, but also have strict requirements of 8K video players. In order to download the best 8K player, here are the top 3 8K video players for both Mac and PC (Windows 10) for your selection.

Second to None 8K Video Player for Both Mac and PC Download Free

5KPlayer is an award winning free 8K video player with Hardware Acceleration technology to decode 8K videos and salient feature of playing H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, VP9 etc. ultra HD smoothly and pauselessly. This best free 8K player allows free download for both Mac and PC and it is designed to play UHD videos and movies.

Best 8K Video Players

Top 3 8K Players for Both Mac and PC: No. 3 Media Player Classic

The last top 8K video player for both Mac and PC is Media Player Classic. The old version of Media Player Classic itself does not provide 8K video playback capability and need to install the K-lite Codec Pack, but if you download the latest version of this light weighted 8K video player, you will be amazed its ability to play 8K videos on Windows 10. Salient features of Media Player Classic are as follows:

1. Can play 8K videos on even the old version of computers – a powerful system is not a necessity.
2. This 8K media player supports all common video and audio file formats.
3. Specially designed only to be used on Windows OS.
4. Offers DVD playback solutions on Windows 10/8.
5. Free, no toolbars or ads packaged.

No. 3 Media Player Classic

Verdict: Although not every standard video player is upgraded to play 8K, 10K videos for now, 5KPlayer is one of those which dedicated to play ultra high definition and high quality videos and audios in order to bring the best 8K display on Mac and PC experience out of 8K content. Even if it takes time for 8K to become the standard, with an efficient top 8K video player installed on your Mac or PC, you will not have any problem to play any videos with resolution at 8K, 5K, 4K, 1080p,720p.

As it was mentioned above, 5KPlayer is the top No.1 8K video player that not only plays videos music without hassle, but also offers the best solution to download videos in 8K from 300 more online video sites. And more amazingly, if you purchased an 8K TV, 5KPlayer can help you stream 8K videos from Mac/PC to Apple TV via AirPlay, solve your worries about finding 8K video content to watch on 8K TV.

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