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Top 5 Media Players 64 Bit That Are Blazing Fast

Written by Jason

Under what circumstances you should download a media player 64 bit to make the best of your Windows 10 computer? Well, the best 64 bit media player for Windows 10 can only lead by a tiny margin if you are running it on a 32-bit processor with a 32 bit Windows system. Fortunately, with the latest Windows 10 software sporting thorough 64 bit support, you can fully release the potential of high-definition media players recommended in this article.

[NO.1] Best Free 64 Bit Media Player for Windows 10 – 5KPlayer

The industry-leading 5KPlayer outshines any other media players 64 bit for Windows 10 thanks to its scientific computing kernel and cutting-edge graphic processing capability. With hardware acceleration units landing on its last but one version, the free 5KPlayer outpaces any other x64 media players out there in the market.

Media Player 64 bit for Windows 10 - 5KPlayer

Before heading to the flesh-and-blood parts of 2019 media players for Windows 10, it's worth checking out the specs of your Windows 10 computer – Are your running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows?

To find out, please visit the Settings APP (you can press Windows + I to it), then you can head to System > About > System type where you can find out both the operating system info and the processor info. Because the free 32 bit 5KPlayer is upward compatible to work on 64 bit Windows 10 while also on 32 bit Windows 7, you can trust any multi-media files on it in x86/x64 system environment.

Check windows 10 info

[NO.2] VLC 2.2.6 (64 Bit) for Windows 10 (vlc-2.2.6-win64.exe)
★★★★☆ Rating: 4.5 OS: Windows, Mac & More Type: Free

Starting from scratch VLC media player 64 bit is written in the 64 bit architecture of 64-bit Linux by its talented developers, and considering the fact that VLC's hardware acceleration utility supports 0-copy on GPU while enabling it to fallback on software when required, this media player x64 works fine with such advanced media codecs as UDP/RTP Unicast, UDP/RTP Multicast, HTTP / FTP, MMS, TCP/RTP Unicast, etc. While some users find VLC 64 bit for Windows 10 a feature-rich upgrade worth considering, others reported troubling bugs like VLC not playing DVD or VLC not playing MP4 problems. Should you run into any bugs while using VLC Media Player 64 bit, please visit https://www.videolan.org/support/#bugs to report a bug.

VLC player 64 bit for Windows 10

[NO.3]Media Player Classic – Black Edition 64 Bit for Windows 10
★★★★☆ Rating: 4.5 OS: Windows Type: Free

Very portable and lightweight, the 64 bit of MPC-Black Edition is another much-favored option, even better than the widely-known MPC-HC 64 bit. Unlike the all-you-can-eat VLC 64 bit, MPC-HC integrates all its salient features into a less-than-22 MB installer, thus applicable to even compact tablets & netbooks and Ultrabooks like Surface Pro.

Just like 5KPlayer, Media Player Classic 64 bit for Windows 10 supports hardware acceleration in the video decoding process, which indeed facilitates the playback of ultra-hd videos. However, subtitle loading has long remained chronic headache of this media player 64 bit for Windows 10, and you'll need to pay special attention of MPC-HC's MKV problems.

[NO.3] KMPlayer 64 Bit for Windows 10
★★★★ Rating: 4.0 OS: Windows & Mac Type: Free

As one of the big name media player 64 bit, KMPlayer for Windows 10 was bought by Pandora.tv back in 2008 while also making itself available for free. Indeed, this is a comprehensive x64 media player that supports a wide variety of container format such as VCD, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg as well as RealMedia, satisfying user demand if they have a media library containing media files of different container formats.

However, the opposite is true if they kind of dislike possible bundle-ware to be downloaded along with the free media player 64 bit.

KMPlayer for Windows 10

[NO.4] Windows Media Player 64 Bit
★★★★ Rating: 4.0 OS: Windows & Mac Type: Free

It's extremely simple to install Windows Media Player 12 and make use of its ample features. This nifty little upgrade from WMP 11 on July 22, 2009 was built on the achievements of its previous version to work on Windows 7/8/10. First off, Windows Media Player 64 bit players more media types than its predecessors – aside from supporting most AVI, DivX, MOV – but regretfully no MKV – so that you'll still need to download MKV codec for Windows Media Player 64 bit to get the popular videos in Matroska containers up and playing.

However, WMP 64 bit is gradually losing its popularity in that no more upgrades has been heard of since its 2009 revamp.

Windows Media Player 12 64 bit

Table of Spec of 2019 Top 5 Media Players 64 Bit



VLC 64-bit

MPC-BE x64

KMP 64-bit

WMP 64-bit

Operating Systems
(desktop only)
Windows (10)
Mac (macOS High Sierra)
Windows,Mac, Ubuntu
Chrome OS, Linux, etc
Windows (10) Windows (10)
Mac (macOS High Sierra)
Windows (10)
Mac (OS X 8 & 9)
Downward Compatibility
of Software
Container Format
MP4, MOV, M4V, MKV, H.264, H.265, etc (same as 5KP) (same as 5KP) no M4V support no MKV support
Container Format
MP3, AAC, OGG, AC3, WMA, etc (same as 5KP) (same as 5KP) (same as 5KP) (same as 5KP)
DVD Support
(Multi-region DVD)

Have you decided yet as of which media player 64 bit you'd like to install for the Windows 10 computer. Choosing a x64 media player written in an advanced system means taking better advantage of your processor and Windows 10 OS. But such tier-one free media players with upward compatibility with 64-bit Windows System sports even better stability on Windows 10. If this is what you'd like to install for Windows 10, click to download & install it below.

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