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Top 5 Media Players 64-bit That Are Blazing Fast

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: December 18, 2020 | 4 Mins Read

Under what circumstances you should download a media player 64 bit to make the best of your Windows 10 computer? Well, the best 64 bit media player for Windows 10 can only lead by a tiny margin if you are running it on a 32-bit processor with a 32 bit Windows system. Fortunately, with the latest Windows 10 software sporting thorough 64 bit support, you can fully release the potential of high-definition media players recommended in this article.

Quick Access to Your Favorite 64-bit Media Player↓↓↓
1. VLC Media Player - Open-source Media Player
2. 5KPlayer - Powerful Player for 4K Media
3. Media Player Classic – Black Edition 64-bit Video Player
4. KMPlayer - Simple 64-bit Player for Windows 10
5. Windows Media Player 64 Bit - Native Media Player

[NO.5] Windows Media Player 64 Bit

★★★★ Rating: 4.0 | OS: Windows & Mac | Type: Free

It's extremely simple to install Windows Media Player 12 and make use of its ample features. This nifty little upgrade from WMP 11 on July 22, 2009 was built on the achievements of its previous version to work on Windows 7/8/10. First off, Windows Media Player 64 bit players more media types than its predecessors – aside from supporting most AVI, DivX, MOV – but regretfully no MKV – so that you'll still need to download MKV codec for Windows Media Player 64 bit to get the popular videos in Matroska containers up and playing.

However, WMP 64 bit is gradually losing its popularity in that no more upgrades has been heard of since its 2009 revamp.

Windows Media Player 12 64 bit

Have you decided yet as of which media player 64 bit you'd like to install for the Windows 10 computer. Choosing a x64 media player written in an advanced system means taking better advantage of your processor and Windows 10 OS. But such tier-one free media players with upward compatibility with 64-bit Windows System sports even better stability on Windows 10. If this is what you'd like to install for Windows 10, click to download & install the media player 64-bit 5KPlayer below to have a try.

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