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Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Searching for SMPlayer Windows 10, the results shown can be called anemia: Instead of a designated SMPlayer for Windows 10, you'll only find the latest version 16.11.0 for 64bit on most of the downloading websites you visit, which are versions for Windows 7 by nature, though technically works for Windows 10, too. Also, you need to watch out for the SMPlayer Windows Store APP, which isn't directly provided by the official Microsoft Windows Store, but a 3rd-party downloading site naming itself after "Windows 10 APP Store".

How to download SMPlayer for Windows 10 and run it smoothly? The post below will give you the answer, let's take a look at it.

SMPlayer Windows 10 Alternative - Try 5KPlayer (Free)

★★★★★ Rating:5 Type: Free OS: Windows 10/8.1/7, Mac

If you're like me, rushing to download SMPlayer for Windows 10/8/7 but stuck half-way due to Qt5core.dll is missing, a much easier alternative would be 5KPlayer. This is the best alternative for SMPlayer Windows 10 I have found, rendering video playback in a way you never experienced before, it gives you every reason to forget about SMPlayer Windows 10 (or earlier).

Now, free download best free SMPlayer Windows 10 alternative below. ↓↓↓

SMPlayer Windows 10 install error

★ Quirks Worth Knowing Before Downloading SMPlayer for Windows 10

Whether or not you'll like the playback stability of SMPlayer for Windows 10 may vary: Now that it is the GUI front-end for MPlayer developed since 2006 (recently SMPlayer also added support for mpv), this interface calls MPlayer as a multimedia engine, which virtually plays all video formats in your archive: MP4, MKV, MOV, RMV, DVD, CD, etc.

SMPlayer Windows 10 - One of the GUI front-end of MPlayer

hat being said, SMPlayer is among the many GUI options based on MPlayer, other well-known names include KMPlayer, UMPlayer, etc., each with its distinctive features and graphic style.

By the time you download SMPlayer Windows 10 from smplayer.sourceforge.net, it's not difficult to find the download package has a complete set of MPlayer installation pack included, wrapped-up by developers of this GUI which, for one thing, facilitates the use of SMPlayer so you don't need to download MPlayer alone, for another, increasing the possibility of this package going wrong: When I first tried to Install SMPlayer on a Windows 10 PC, the install wizard kept popping up a window warning error exists in its Qt5Gui.dll, and that installation can't carry on unless I abort this error.

Qt5GUI.dll Missing When Installing SMPlayer
What attributes to this problem? Can SMPlayer Windows 10 not working also happen to you?
Now that SMPlayer in itself is a sheer GUI relying on MPlayer as a kernel to function as a media player, any dll file missing from the installer you download can result in such problems.
However, you can stay away from this error by altering to 5KPlayer - the self-integrated, compact free multimedia player for Windows 10.

SMPlayer Windows 10 subtitle can't find

Automatic Subtitle Downloading in SMPlayer Windows 10
- Useful or Not?

Intelligent subtitling options of SMPlayer may be the very reason for its wide popularity. Indeed, SMPlayer for Windows 10/8/7 backed-up the opensubtitles.org facilitates the 1-click search of movie subtitles to be fast and natural. But when the movies/videos you want to subtitle doesn't distribute its CC sources on this very platform, just like huffc

SMPlayer Subtitle Download Failed/Not Showing/Can't Find Subtitles

"I have no luck finding any subtitles with the SMPlayer Windows 10 subtitle search. But when I manually search on the opensubtitles.org website using a web browser, I can find some for a given file."

The same happens to MarwiN, another user of SMPlayer Windows 7, which isn't very configurable in terms of its automatic subtitle searching function.

However, the free 5KPlayer can be of great help when SMPlayer Windows 10 can't load subtitles, or SMPlayer subtitle download failed happens to you: It supports a wide variety of subtitle sites as http://www.moviesubtitles.org/, http://www.subscene.com/ and http://www.subtitles.hr/, offering abundant resources to choose from.
You can use it to easily add subtitles to videos in *srt, *ass, *ssa, *json, *aqt, *sub format, there's just no more worries if the subtitle not showing properly, for you can just rely on 5KPlayer.

Intelligent SMPlayer Windows 10 - Resume Where You Left Off

A small-but-sleek function we can't neglect in this MPlayer-based GUI is its "Resume playback of videos from where you left off". It is often the case when you need to put a movie aside for a while without remembering where it goes, then the intelligent SMPlayer Windows 10 remembers it for you, enabling you to jump into the scenario once you click open.

Subtitle Videos with SMPlayer Windows 10 Alternative

Step 1: Find the video you want to add subtitles to with SMPlayer Windows 10 64bit altertive, click to run it.

Step 2: Right-click on the playback area, choose Subtitle > Load subtitle file, which takes you to navigate to the folder of subtitles, click and load.

Step 3: Should the subtitle file you download go not in sync with the image, hit Synchronization to fine tune the pace.

SMPlayer Windows 10  Add subtitles

Bet you already have an answer as of which video player to download on the Windows 10 PC. If it's 5KPlayer, wait no time and go ahead to download it below to instantly use. If it's SMPlayer for Windows 10 64 bit version 16.11.0, please check out the aforementioned download method that are tried-and-true.

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