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Trouble Shoot macOS Sierra Media Playback Problems

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Experiencing macOS Sierra media playback issues already? Can't play MKV files nor can it read some certain MP4 files. You are not alone.

However, to clarify the trouble, you should know what you are calling a "macOS Sierra video playback issue" is actually OSX default player's problem, ie. QuickTime's fault. Do not throw the blame at the whole macOS platform system. It is essentially the osx player that makes you out at elbows.

Best Way to Avoid macOS Sierra Video Audio Playback Issues

5KPlayer for macOS Sierra can give you a true hygge this winter to snuggle up on the sofa, watching unlimited TV shows, newly released movies etc free. You can download movies or playback any DVDs using this media player for Mac avoiding QuickTime resulted macOS sierra playback problems including poor streaming quality, slow frame rates, skipping, etc. Download it now!

MacOS Sierra Playback Troubleshooting

List of macOS High Sierra Problems & Solutions ->>

macOS Sierra Playback Issue Regarding Container Formats

If a macOS Sierra player cannot playback a certain container format, the problem may lie in the absence of the corresponding demuxer needed. You'd either download an alternative player or install some codec packs which contains the demuxplexer in order to split tracks and recognize each track contained and then arranging decoders for decoding respectively.

Click to find detailed container format playback solutions:
How to Solve MP4 not Playing in QuickTime
How to Solve MKV WMV not playing in QuickTime
How to Play MP4 on macOS Sierra/Windows 10

Recommended macOS Sierra QuickTime player alternatives: 5KPlayer, VLC, Potplayer, MPC-HC which supports plenty of popular formats and codecs, with each respectively featuring high-res 4K 8K playback, all formats/platform supports, advanced media tweaks, and lightweight highly customizable.

You can also refer to specific player recommendations below to avoid macOS Sierra problems regarding each container format:
Best FLV Players for Mac
Top MP3 Players for macOS Sierra
Select your ideal macOS Sierra default player for your exclusive file.

Guides on How to Change Your Default Media Player on macOS Sierra

Fed up with QT macOS endless playback problems? It's time to change to a new default media player. Take 5KPlayer as an example for QT alternative player.

Step 1 Download the media player app e.g. 5KPlayer to your local storage.

MacOS Sierra Playback Problem Solving

Step 2 Install the macOS player 5KPlayer.

Step 3 Drag the installed OSX player to the application folder.

Step 4 Right click on any video audio file and go to get info.

Step 5 Find "Open with" and click the drop-down menu, select 5KPlayer.

Change MacOS Sierra Default Player

Step 6 Click on "Change All".

By following this simple guide, you can make any player your default on Mac. Or if you'd like to get rid of QuickTime totally, refer to QuickTime uninstall guide.

Nevertheless, If you are a diehard QT user who is reluctant to change its default status, you can consider our top recommended codec packs for QT macOS Sierra: Perian, L-lite for Mac, LAV, CCCP, etc. or you can search the exclusive format codec pack for Mac on Softonic or Google. With these codec packs installed, even if there is a codec support problem, you can overcome it without paying additional efforts.

Also, instead of installing any codec packs, there is another wise move - you can convert the file into MP4 which can be easily read by QuickTime. 5KPlayer by default can only convert downloaded files into MP3 audio. Therefore, to convert the file, you need a proper converter like MacX Video Converter Pro. Refer to Guide On MKV to MP4 Conversion.

macOS Sierra Playback Issue Regarding A Specific File

If a player can playback a general container format on Mac yet unable to read a specific media file, you might want to instantly check the file itself - use Mediainfo to view the file details and see if it is broken.Some players does not support decoding H.265 VP8/VP9 codecs natively, so if you find any codec-incompatibility, install the corresponding codec you need or just change a player.

Note that some high-res high color depth videos like 8K 10bit videos cannot be properly played on your Mac computer, which is probably due to relatively poor computer specs. To playback 4K 8K videos, you might want to refer to 4K 8K video playback guide.

The best solution to macOS Sierra playback problem - 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is an all-in-one macOS Sierra player software that supports H.265/H.264, VP8/VP9 codecs and almost all container formats. It can quickly respond to any files you throw at it on Mac. Blessed with video music playback, online video download and video audio AirPlay, this macOS Sierra player allows you to download play hot songs, latest movies, TV shows, etc for offline enjoyment and streaming them to big HDTV. Free download this OS X player now!

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