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SPlayer Windows 10 - Download Free Full Version Guide

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

SPlayer Windows 10, or Shooter Player is a free video player on Windows 10/8.1/7 noted for its high CPU-efficiency. If you have come to this page for SPlayer Windows 10 free download guide, chances are that you already know this is an open-source free media player for Windows 10 updated on Dec. 12th, 2016. Is SPlayer really suitable for your current device? Find out the answer in this guide before you download SPlayer full version free.

Best SPlayer Windows 10 Alternative - 5KPlayer

Looking for a free SPlayer Windows 10 download alternative that's designated for Windows 10, and outperforms SPlayer full version in terms of Windows 10 system support? 5KPlayer - a highly compact SPlayer Windows 10 alternative will be the last media player for Windows 10 you ever need, now free download it below!

SPlayer Windows 10

5 Reasons to Download SPlayer for Windows 10

☆ Intuitive GUI based on Media Player Classic-HC;
☆ Personalized playback panel size - support erasing black bars for video only;
☆ Stylistic software skin design: SPlayer offers 3 GUI options - choose default background/choose a visual picture from computer/the Aero glass effect that let you set the desktop background as SPlayer's skin;
☆ Manually switch between High Picture Quality Mode and High Performance Mode (for aged computers) to guarantee glossy playback;
☆ In-class subtitle support: Works with opensubtitles.org to fetch & load files.

Tips: By the time you have finished SPlayer Windows 10 full version free download, it's quite likely you'll be puzzled by the Chinese paper works and GUI. Many a user has doubts on the paperwork content since there's no English version available, that's actually no big issue.

But you should be acknowledged that SPlayer Windows 10, or Shooter Player Windows 10 is developed by a Chinese team based on Media Player Classic - HC. That being said, it's most likely to be accepted by the Chinese environment, instead of U.S., U.K., India, and other Asian countries.

SPlayer Windows 10 interface

3 Reasons You Shouldn't Download SPlayer for Windows 10

☆ No media library panel - Shooter Player splits its own playback screen for playlist.
☆ The intelligent killer feature - smart subtitle matching doesn't always work well.
☆ YouTube live streaming function failes with some URLs - No image or audio.

The self-integrated SPlayer is a flexible feat for users who need efficiency. It has all the frequently-used features on shelf, except for the higher-end trimming/editing/DVD burning. Just don't expect it to download online videos like 5KPlayer or VLC does, take it home if all you need is play-n-enjoy.

Why wouldn't SPlayer download movies from Dailymotion, or stream content from iPhone to PC as 5KPlayer for Windows 10 does? Now that with the latter you'll find its multi-functional user panel enabling you to download online videos and archive a media library, SPlayer Windows 10 is more a space-saving option, that being said, some advanced bells and whistles, like 4k video playback of 5KPlayer is nowhere to be found if you choose to download SPlayer Windows 10 64/32 bit.

5KPlayer for Windows 10 - Advanced Playback on Windows 10 in Intuitive GUI

You'll find that compared to SPlayer for Windows 10, the multi-functional 5KPlayer is better able to serve all your needs no matter you want to play videos in MP4 MKV MOV, or that you may listen to online Radio, download movies from a list of 300+ online video sharing sites.

How to Play Videos on Windows 10 without SPlayer Windows 10?

Step 1. Free download 5KPlayer for Windows 10, install and launch it.

Step 2. Open a video clip on your Windows PC by clicking the "Video" button.

You may also drag-n-drop a video into the SPlayer Windows 10 alternative's interface.

Tips: To play DVD/CD, click the "DVD" button instead.

Play DVD on Windows 10

Download Videos with SPlayer Windows 10 Alternatives

Step 1: Find the video you want to download from Dailymotion, Vimeo, or other online video sharing websites, copy its URL to the SPlayer Windows 10 alternative.

Step 2: Hit the "Paste and Analyze" button, choose your preferred resolution and format.

Now, hit download, and this SPlayer Windows 10 alternative will finish the download quite fast for you.

Download videos without VLC Windows 10

The compact design makes SPlayer Windows 10 a good choice for space-considering users, and you might find its intelligent subtitle-matching functions quite helpful, yet the Chinese paperwork misunderstanding, the lack of other multimeida utilities like video downloading and online video streaming make SPlayer Windows 10 download a confined option - you really need to resort external help to download online videos. However, you can try and download the following video player - 5KPlayer to make it the last video player for your Windows 10 powered computer.

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