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Top 10 Most Resourceful and Reliable Subtitle Download Sites

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

The annoying thing is not that you couldn't download the movie you want to watch, what really annoys is that when you finally download the movie online or rip the movie from DVD and it is playable and in good quality but there is no subtitles! The characters are speaking the language you don't understand and you have to find the darn subtitles. Here we go, where you can find the desired subtitles for the movie you are dying to watch? In here! Read the following review below to download subtitles from the top 10 subtitle download sites list.

Add and Sync Subtitles to Video with 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a powerful subtitles media player with the ability to add and sync subtitles during video playback. After you download the perfect subtitles from the subtitle download sites, you can use this subtitle player to simply embed subtitles to the video you are watching.

 Subtitle Player

Top 10 Free Sites to Download Subtitles

A great subtitle download site should not only be rich in resources but also be safe and flexible. Make sure you are not downloading any malware or getting any virus to harm your computer when you just simply want to download subtitles, and make sure the subtitles format is supported by your video player.

1.Subtitle Download Site - Subscene.com

Subscene.com is the most widely used subtitle download site among the others, this Indonesia based subtitle download site offers the richest resource in Indonesian, and Arabian. No matter you want to watch South Korean soap opera or American Hollywood movies, and it got a great deal of loyal users and contributors.

2. Subtitle Download Site - opensubtitles.org

Opensubtitles.org is a multi-language subtitle download sites, you can find the target subtitles easily because it is demostrating in your mother tougue. Most users of this subtitle download sites are from Brazil and India. If you are not sure what subtitles you are looking for, you can just click the options to narrow it down or else simply search the subtitles via the searching box.

3. Subtitle Download Site - addic7ed.com

The service of Addic7ed is a bit limited because this subtitle download site only provide English subtitles, so the users are mainly from English spoken countries. But the resource is indeed large with subtitles of TV Shows, movies and the subtitles service is very prompt, often available to be downloaded shortly after the video or movie is realeased.

4. Subtitle Download Site - tvsubtitles.net

TVsubtitles.net is famous for its diversity of TV program subtitles, on this subtitle download site you are free to find and download subtitles of TV shows, Talk shows, Netflix TV Series, Hollywood movies, and the latest Hindi movies as well. This site struction is pretty much similar to moviesubtitles.org and the users are mainly from India and the United States.

5. Subtitle Download Site - subtitleseeker.com

Compare to other subtitle download sites, subtitleseeker is much more neat in the website interface, you don't have to go trough a long seeking to find the right subtitles you are looking for. And the provided subtitles are also maily in English subtitles like addic7ed.com for movies and TV shows.

If you download the subtitles that is not able to play on your subtitle player, you might as well try the free 5KPlayer. This subtitle player is very flexible and adaptive to different subtitle formats including srt, sub, ass, etc. When you are watching your favorite movie or episode with 5KPlayer, don't forget that you can also choose to rotate the video playback, adjust audio delay and even stream the movie playback from Mac/PC to Apple TV via 5KPlayer's built-in free AirPlay service.

How to Add and Sync Video Subtitles with 5KPlayer

It is very easy to add and sync subtitles to the video with 5KPlayer, just check the tutorial below.

Add subtiles:

1. Open the video you want to sync the subtitles.

2. Right Click on the 5KPlayer Window, click on Subtitles, then click on Load Subtitle File.

3. Go to the location or folder where the subtitle file is and select it to load it by clicking on Open.

How to Add Subtitles with 5KPlayer

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