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Slow Motion Video Player for Windows 7/10/Mac Free Download

Posted by Amanda Hu | Last updated: October 12, 2019

Need a video player that can play videos in slow motion mode? Best slow motion player suggested here will help play videos with multiple speed choices for you to grasp every detail of a video easily. No more worries that you can't catch every picture and dialogue from the fast videos or miss the splendid goals from your favorite football players, just slow down the video with the best slow motion video player to catch all information clearly.

Best Slow Motion Video Player Windows 7/10/Mac Free Download

As a professional video player with speed control, 5KPlayer offers various choices for you to choose certain speed to play your videos slowly or quickly. To play a video in slow motion, you can use 5KPlayer to slow down the video by 0.8, 0.7 and 0.5 times.

Slow Motion Video Player

Playing videos in slow motion with a slow motion video player will help you view every frame clearly without the need of playing them over and over again. Every flash jump, run or throw that are hardly recognized and catched by human eyes will turn slow and become vivid. However the slow motion video is often created by certain software and is larger than the original video, a professional slow motion player is surely needed to play such a video smoothly. Therefore, we have collected best 4 slow motion video players for Windows 7/8/Mac here to help you to that end.

Top 4 Slow Motion Video Players Free Download

No.1 Slow Motion Video Player for Windows 7/10/Mac – 5KPlayer

In version 5.2, 5KPlayer has added speed control feature for you who are craving for adjusting the video speed manually. It is up to you to choose which speed mode of this slow motion video player to play videos that are fast in image, sound, subtitle and more slowly as well as clearly. Never choosy, 5KPlayer can play any slow motion video slowed down by a video editor, downloaded from YouTube and shot with iPhone Slo-Mo (720p HD at 240fps/1080p HD at 120 fps).

Besides a slow motion player with customizable playing speed for slowing down a video, 5KPlayer can also speed up a video at your pleasure if you think the video is too slow or you just want to skip some boring parts quickly. More importantly, it is a versatile online video downloader and 4K UHD video player that download and plays high-res videos and HiFi music smoothly and in high quality.

Speed Choices: x2.0 (speed up), x1.5 (speed up), x1.2 (speed up), x1.0 (original), x0.8 (slow down), x0.7 (slow down), x0.5 (slow down).

Slow Motion Video Player Windows 7/10

How to Slow Down a Video via a Slow Motion Video Player?

Here, we take slow motion player 5KPlayer as an example to show you how to slow down a video. So, free download slow motion video player 5KPlayer, install and launch it on your computer first, and then follow the below guide.

Step 1. Choose a video to play with 5KPlayer, be it 4K UHD 1080p 720p or MP4 MKV FLV etc video.

Step 2. When the video is playing, right-click on the video to choose Speed to customize the video speed.

Step 3. Choose x0.8, x0.7 or x0.5 option to slow down your video.

Notice. BTW, x2.0, x1.5 and x1.2 options allow you to speed up your video, and x1.0 option keeps your video speed in original.

How to Slow Down a Video

Actually, most slow motion video players Windows/Mac allow you to slow down a video by right-clicking the video like 5KPlayer, and some of them may require you to go to Playback settings to adjust the speed. Anyway, it is easy as long as your video player indeed comes with slow motion feature.

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