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Free PotPlayer Mac Download Alternatives

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

PotPlayer on Windows can let you change the playback speed, play back videos frame by frame and even allow you to create different sections of a video with different A-B playback loops. But sadly, Potplayer only supports Windows OS of 32/64 bit at present. So, if you are finding a player as feature rich as PotPlayer for Mac, you are at the right place!

5KPlayer - Best PotPlayer Mac Download Alternative Free

As one of the best Potplayer Mac alternative, 5KPlayer is capable of playing back 4K HD MP4 MKV 360° etc videos, downloading online videos and streaming audio videos. No matter you want to play m3u8, RTSP, live streams or change playback speed, setting subtitles, you can get what you want and more from this vasertile PotPlayer Mac alternative on macOS Catalina, Mojave , High Sierra, macOS Sierra, El Capitan etc.

PotPlayer Mac Download Alternative

Best Free PotPlayer for Mac Download Alternatives

From the above listed PotPlayer macOS alternatives, you can see that no matter how well-reputated a player is, it somehow can't fully replace one another. Therefore, for PotPlayer on mac replacement, you might have to stick with the most important features you want from PotPlayer.

5KPlayer inherites and elevates PotPlayer features including:
* Supports all types of subtitles, the effects in the subtitles;
* Ability to watch/download videos through a proxy;
* Changes of scale of the image;

PotPlayer HD Mac Download - 5KPlayer

5KPlayer Unique Features you might want on your mac

* Streaming online media contents: open YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion videos in 5KPlayer directly without any ads.

* Downloading online videos, MP4, MP3 songs from over 300 video sharing sites.

* Support Apple AirPlay to directly beam video contents from iPhone to Mac and Mac to Apple TV 3.

* DXVA2, AMD, QSV and NIVIDIA Hardware acceleration for FUHD HEVC video playback

* Video tuner and flip horizontal/vertical setting with video preview feature

During video playback, the most lovely feature of this player is that no matter in fullscreen mode or regular mode, the control bar and edges will auto hide themselves when your cursor is off playback windows. The below screenshot is 5KPlayer playing back a 4K video.

PotPlayer HD Mac Alternative - 5KPlayer

5KPlayer supports all versions of macOS Catalina and lower. Its elegant and morden UI as well as robust playback ability can give you the smoothiest visual & auditory enjoyment on mac. Download and try it out now!

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