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Top 3 Best SMPlayer for Mac Free Download

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Changed your computer from Windows system to Mac OS yet is reluctant to say goodbye to SMplayer? You have to accept the fact that there is no SMplayer for Mac OS but some SMPlayer Mac alternatives. Get the better closest alternative to Mac SMplayer or just get used to Mac built-in QuickTime player is your own choice to make. And here below is what we can offer in case you choose the former: A list of top alternatives to SMplayer for Mac free download.

Best Free SMPlayer Mac Alternative

The second media player downloads on Softonic, 5KPlayer is the best extremely compatible media player for Mac, not only because it plays all kinds of video and music without any plug-ins, but also because it is multifunctional, ultra clean, simple and fast.

Media Player for Windows 10
Best SMPlayer for Mac Alternative - vlc

2. Powerful Free Open Source SMPlayer for Mac Alternative - VLC

VLC has more features baked with its already advanced core engine. Needless to say its far reaching popularity, this SMplayer Mac alternative is like the top choice of many power users and notice, mostly power users. For beginners or those who are about going in-depth with certain needs like YouTube playback/download or 8/10bit HEVC decoding, this player with hefty multimedia features would not be as good as those dedicated media player Mac apps.

Best SMPlayer for Mac Alternative - Potplayer

3. Intelligent SMPlayer Mac Alternative – PotPlayer

Similar to SMplayer, this player remembers the settings for a specific video/audio file and where you left off watching if that's the utility you want to extract from SMplayer and take along with Mac experience. This SMplayer for Mac is also good at YouTube playlist analyzing, broadcasting video capturing with strong horse powered GPU acceleration.

Just because you deem SMplayer the best on Windows/Linux platform, doesn't mean it couldn't have a better alternative on Mac even if it does have a Mac version right now yet doesn't.

Drawn from the above list, we get an universal conclusion on SMPlayer Mac alternatives - 5KPlayer, choice of novelty hunters; VLC, power users' second to none choice; Potplayer, intermittent users's choice. We bet one can find plenty brilliant freshness from the SMPlayer Mac alternatives listed above.

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