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How to Solve VLC H265 HEVC 4K Playback Problems

Robust as it is, VLC still falls short in terms of h265/hevc decoding and 4K video playback. You cannot 100% count on VLC to play back h265/hevc Ultra HD videos since many problems have already surfaced and spotted by VLC users. What are those VLC H265 playback issues?

Best Way to Solve VLC h265 Playback Problems at One Go

To tackle VLC h265 playback problems, we recommend you the simplest, most brilliant and professional tool - 5KPlayer. This h.265/hevc dedicated media player is designed specifically for 4K h265 playback with outstanding Mac/Windows compatibility.

How to Solve VLC H265 HEVC Problem

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Common VLC h265 Playback Issues:

VLC H265 Playback

Problem 1:

Playing H.265 encoded videos on VLC Player 2.2.1 and get the errors like
[Codec not supported:
VLC could not decode the format "hevc" (MPEG-H Part2/HEVC (H.265))"]

Solution 1: Try the latest version 3.0.0 VLC for H265 playback.
Although the nightly version of VLC highlights in Blu-ray playback, VLC HEVC and other codecs decoding abilities have been substantially enhanced on average. Tough H265 VLC codec pack is not recommended, that’s your choice to make.
Solution 2: Turn to 5KPlayer –best replacement of VLC for H.265 playback.
H265 HEVC exclusive 5KPlayer freeware with in-built H265/264 codecs plays HEVC videos in whatever format –MKV/AVI/MP4 without burden. It has wide format support as well as strong rendering power.

Problem 2:

Playing h265/HEVC in VLC, you get choppy playbacks and endless hiccups and glitches which are largely resulted from the software decoding difficulties and lack of hardware support. This is not technically the problem of VLC; it's the problem of overall software decoding. Software decoding files compressed in H.265 will generally cause video-audio delay or even framedrop. The UVD decoding engine of AMD has boosted the capability of many CPUs for software decoding H.264, but it cannot catch up with H.265 decoding, and it takes effort to spread codec support to countless operating systems.

Solution 1: You can purchase an intel-i7-core processor for pure software decoding of H.265/HEVC, or get a great GPU for hardware acceleration to help decoding h265. Otherwise, you may have to bow to the hardware reality.
Solution 2: Convert H.265 to H.264 ordinary compression format with proper converter software. Common computers now can handle H.264 decoding with average intel i5 Processer pretty well. So, why not bend the higher bar for H265 ubiquity a little bit.

How to Use 5KPlayer to Play H265 Instead of VLC?

Step 1: Free download this free H.265 VLC Player alternative;

5KPlayer is elegant and lightweight; Install and launch this H.265 VLC player alternative on your Mac/PC.

Step 2: Use 5KPlayer to play back the H.265/HEVC videos failed in VLC;

If playbacks of h265 in VLC failed, you can resort to 5KPlayer as an emergency call.
* Drag & drop H.265 files not playing in VLC to the main interface of H.265 player -5KPlayer;
* Click "Video" button on the main interface to add H.265 video failed playing in VLC;
* Right click on the H.265 file, and navigate to "Open with 5KPlayer" option.

VLC H265 Playback on 5KPlayer

On top of handling H265/HEVC better than VLC, this media software 5KPlayer actually supports both HEVC and VP9 video compression formats that are at the heart of a technologically and legally complicated fray for the future of 4K video. But whatever they are fighting for, we end users can always benefit from the free services brought by 5KPlayer: H265 streaming, 4K downloading and playback and even 4K Blu-ray video playback.

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