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[Solved] QuickTime Won't Play WMV Files on Mac/Windows

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

- "Have created a movie in Windows Movie Maker on a PC but have to be able to play it on a Mac for school. I saved it in QuickTime, however, QuickTime won't open WMV files. Any easy solution?"
- "Hi, is it possible to play WMV videos on QuickTime Player on Windows platform?"

QuickTime won't play WMV issue happens as WMV (Windows Media Video) is a video format encoded with Microsoft proprietary codecs for Windows-based applications and devices, and does't work with QuickTime on both Windows and Mac OS. So, when you set QuickTime Player by default to play WMV files, an error message "This is not a movie file" pops up to tell that you can't play WMV. How to solve QuickTime won't play WMV problem on Mac/Windows? Here are workarounds.

Tailor-made WMV Player for Mac/Windows [10] Free Download

With various built-in video codec including Microsoft codecs, 5KPlayer is a professional video player to play WMV, MOV, MKV, MP4, 4K, 1080p, etc on both Mac and Windows easily. As the best free QuickTime alternative, you can set it as your default WMV player to avoid QuickTime won't play WMV problem forever.

WMV Player

QuickTime Won't Play WMV Solution 3: Install Third-party Plugin


How to play WMV on QuickTime? Flip4Mac is surely the best third-party plugin that you can install into Mac OS to solve QuickTime won't play WMV on Mac directly. Download and install the Flip4Mac component on your computer, this application will attach itself to QuickTime. When WMV files are activated, they are played directly through QuickTime, instead of jumping out the error message. The Flip4Mac WMV plug-in also works with other QuickTime based apps like iMovie and Final Cut Pro, meaning you can even edit WMV files on your Mac too.

But if you want to import WMV files for editing and conversion to more QuickTime formats or iOS devices, you need to upgrade to the pro version with $29. Moreover, it is not compatible with Windows OS. So, there is only one feasible way for you to play WMV on Mac and Windows – QuickTime alternative 5KPlayer.

In conclusion, 5KPlayer, as a powerful video music player, is the best and considerate way to solve QuickTime can't play WMV on Mac/Windows. Along with that, 5KPlayer also feature video music download ability allowing you to download WMV MP4 MOV MKV FLV videos movies and MP3 AAC OGG music. If you want to enjoy your files in WMV FLV AVI MKV etc on HDTV for better audiovisual experience, you can use this WMV player to AirPlay WMV FLV DivX MKV etc to Apple TV from Mac and PC wirelessly.

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