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2016-17 Top 3 Best MXPlayer Alternatives Download Free

Posted by Amanda Hu | Last updated: October 12, 2019

Many great lists of MXplayer alternatives Windows/Mac starting with VLC, MPC-HC, PotPlayer, AIMP, SMPlayer etc. are prepared by notable review sites like Alternativeto.net. Yes, if you are a power user, choose VLC; have a lightweight prefer, pick MPC-HC; pursuit advanced audio tweaks, take AIMP. But there are other MX player alternates you may have missed.

Free MXPlayer Alternative for Windows 10/Mac Sierra

Topped the US download list on Softonic, 5KPlayer is extremely compatible for Windows 10 and Mac Sierra. It carries on many key features of MXPlayer and brings them to Windows/Mac OS system. It is a facinating media player one can ever dream of to replace MXPlayer on those two platforms!

Best MXPlayer Alternative for Windows Mac

Looking for Android media player, get MXPlayer! MXplayer is well reputed on Android platform for its sleek performance with many powerful supports for touch gestures, full subtitle, resume position remembrance, display settings including video zoom levels and background play feature. These are quite great features offered by MXPlayer android yet not good enough for desktop systems like Windows/Mac/Linux, let alone MXPlayer do have many problems await for tackling.

Top 3 Best Free MXPlayer Alternatives Download Free 2016-17

Best MXPlayer Alternative Download Free- vlc

1. VLC – top notch alternative to MX video Player on several platform

VLC has more features baked with its already advanced core engine. Needless to say its far reaching popularity, this SMplayer Mac alternative is like the top choice of many power users and notice, mostly power users. For beginners or those who are about going in-depth with certain needs like YouTube playback/download or 8/10bit HEVC decoding, this player with hefty multimedia features would not be as good as those dedicated media player Mac apps.
Go to VLC download >>

Best MX Video Player Alternative - 5KPlayer

2. 5KPlayer – a decent MX player alternative for Mac/Windows

This MX Player alternative multimedia software continues the MX player features including hardware decoding, HW acceleration, full subtitle support, rich display settings and Background Play on Windows/Mac OS of latest build. It also supports multi-core decoding, using multiple processors to render a video playback. 5KPlayer 4.2 version has a great improvement in core engine and its novel feature of iOS 9/iOS 10.2 AirPlay mirroring. If you have query for online music video free download like 4K video download or Shawn Mendes Mercy song download, why not take a look at 5KPlayer?

Best Alternative to MXPlayer for Linux - Mplayer

3. Mplayer - best MX player alternative on Linux

This alternative to MXPlayer uses GTK+ GMplayer frontend to build its default GUI, so basically, not a good choice for aesthetic GUI lovers. The best convenience is that users can easily fast forward or backward a video by sliding the mouse wheel. In comparison with Potplayer and SMplayer which are the second/third choices after VLC with better interface, Mplayer seldom crashes! Smart, capable of dealing with HD videos and H.264 decoding!

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We do not need many MXPlayer alternative choices to make us choice phobic but the very one that fits our demand exactly! By listing the 3 best choices with their own uniques we hope users can get the right one you desire in a sec without wasting time on comparing each other until the doomsday cause we've done that for you.

Free download best mxplayer alternative 5KPlayer below right now to take a fresh bite first!

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