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Best OGV Player Free Download for Windows Mac

Posted by Kaylee Wood | Last update: April 28, 2020

Play OGV file completely free by downloading quickest OGV player here. Instantly convert OGV to AVI, OGV to MP4 using built-in free OGV converter!

What is an OGV file? If you meet a file with *.ogv filename extension, you are in fact dealing with a video using OGG container format. *.ogv – "Theora Ogg Transport Stream Video File", which is a standardized open bitstream container format designed exclusively for video streaming including Theora with or without sound, as in a way to distinct itself from audio container (*.oga and *.ogg). So it won't be a surprise if you download a video with an *. ogv extension and it fails to be opened by some video converters and players like Windows Media Player. You need a professional OGV player to free play ogv files as well as download OGV videos and convert OGV to MP4, OGV to AVI.

Easiest Way to Play OGV Files

This free OGV file player - 5KPlayer is capable of playback any HTML5 videos including OGG, OGV, OGA, WebM, MP4 etc. It is equipped with aced GOV spliter and a bunch of efficient decoders to deal with any Ogg Vorbis and Theora codecs. Free download this OGV player now to enjoy your OGV file right now!

Free OGV Player Download

Step 3: The OGV file will soon be played by this free OGV player and in case you'd like to view it on HDTV, 5KPlayer lets you AirPlay the content to Apple TV provided that the file be converted to MP4.
To do that, you can easily locate the target OGV file in 5KPlayer Library and click the "Convert" drop down box and select MP4 to complete OGV to MP4 conversion.

Note: 5KPlayer also provides a slew of settings for you to adjust playback - adding subtitles, video deinterlace, AR adjustment etc. Unlike other players, 5KPlayer's playback control bar is not fixed to the bottom, you can move it wherever you please to avoid it covering some important details.

Best Free OGV Player Playing OGV Files

This OGV player can let you enjoy any content contained in OGV format and OGG/OGA< etc. As of now, it has full support for the latest H.265 VP9 VP10 HTML5 codecs and iOS 10 AirPlay mirroring as well. 5KPlayer is not so much an OGV player as a univeral media player. It plays 3D Bluray content, VR 180 videos, and can handle videos in 8bit 4K res. With all the great content it serves, you probly won't sleep a wink all day and starring at the magnificent views of video world.

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